Inheart Mentoring

Facilitator and Heartmath certified mentor

We have within ourselves all the wisdom we need to navigate our journey here with ease and joy. By aligning with our heart, its intuitive intelligence and its many qualities, we step into  our authentic power with integrity & compassion. We become the empowered creator of our own life expression.

The mentoring process is a guided self-exploration. Heartmath’s science-based techniques help bring your physical, mental & emotional systems into alignment with your heart’s intuitive wisdom.  Your relationships improve and your perspective clears & brightens. You become calmer, balanced, with more energy and clarity.  I offer four, one hour sessions @ $333.00.

LOVING DISCLAIMER:  The materials, techniques and wisdom  shared are provided for informational purposes only and not as personal medical advice. Before making life changes of any kind, participants are encouraged to consult their healthcare providers and/or seek professional medical advice that you have come to trust. You are never alone on your healing journey. May you receive all that is needed for your highest good.

                                                                    Heart Qualities

-intuitive wisdom, your knowing

-unconditional love & acceptance for self and others





-tolerance & non-judgement









-awareness & presence





-increased creativity