For the past 25 years through personal growth, experience & education I have developed my heart consciousness. This is a new way of “being” in the world that is more at ease, more accepting and more present.

My joy is to reflect, celebrate and empower the loving wisdom within each of us.

   with love, Sharon Ramesbottom


Definition of inheart (verb):

  • to put heart into
  • to encourage; inspirit
  • to enclose within the substance of the heart

Anagram: inearth

Fall Equinox

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Connect with me, my child. Come into my core, my heart, I will hold you there, protected and comforted. You have come to me, invited, appreciated and loved. You dwell on me as a guest and you feed from my blessings- gifts from my heart and all hearts that are connected to me. Enjoy your time here. It is meant to be a playground, a garden to frolic, to experience and to be joyful. The joy is through your life adventure. You created this tale before coming. You mapped out your journey in great detail so you could learn what was needed/wanted. You picked all that surrounds you now. Enjoying it means allowing “all of it” to be seen, felt and learned through. All of it supports your growth in so many ways. So today, allow what will be, tomorrow will come and you will be off on another adventure. Each day is precious and its’ own. Enjoy your life with me, for the time will come when you too will move on. Allow what is to support you and trust it is making you into more of who you truly are.” in partnership with Gaia


I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We flow through and by. We are constantly bringing wisdom and healing necessary to Earth, the world and to humanity. As an element we connect to Source as the means to which we serve. Source relays knowledge/wisdom required and we transfer it through rainfall, our waterways and drinking. When you have contact with water, we then have the opportunity to heal and nourish. That is why a bath, a swim in a lake or a glass of water can alter the way you feel. We are conduits and when you connect with us, you can improve/enhance your connection to Gaia and Source. Take extra care, be more aware and take the time necessary to bring the energy of water to you. You will benefit. As the world heals, water will be a focal point. What was once arid will become fertile. Drinking water, pure water will be offered to all. There will be a natural balance and that will bring an end to fires and floods. Let yourself drink us in, whether from a shower, a lake or a glass of water and receive our blessings. It is our gift, Source’s gift to all.” in partnership with Water

*photo by Abigail Keenan

Second helpings

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“You sit before us in a state of grace. This ease that surrounds you is yours to accept. The ease of being, in receptivity, calls/ brings and allows grace to show up wherever it is needed. When it gifts you blessings, you must witness them and pick them up. Accept them with gratitude. Don’t just look and not touch. Grab ahold with gusto, with joy and know that you are deserving. How you receive is as important as receiving. If you are tentative, if you are unsure of your capacity and ability, the Universe will respond and start limiting a little inorder to offset your timidity. We want you to receive and gobble down, not with avarice and greed but with an appetite. You say to the Universe…”Yes, please and second helpings please. This was delicious and I want some more.” Allow the Universe, grace, to know when enough is enough. Your job is to feed, to acknowledge the incredible meal and its nutrition. Stop limiting yourself and start trusting in your capacity and ability to ingest and digest all that is on your plate. Enjoy it ALL!” in partnership with Yeshua 

Whispered wisdoms and messages of love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We bring energies meant to enlighten, enrich and engage all that it meets. As it passes through, allow it to lift and inspire you. These energies, flows of divine consciousness, pass along remnants of memories long forgotten. Whispered wisdoms of lives lived and messages of love that was once experienced/expressed. They are collective memories held within the hearts and souls of humankind. As you sit, receiving this gift, know/allow what was, to be. This eternal moment engages all of your senses in all time. Expanding and becoming more is what you are all doing now. You will know intuitively and instinctively what your next steps will be. You will be guided, whole and united, towards the place/level that is meant for you. This is not a thinking process but one of allowance. As you all move into a place of receptivity, the highest good will be met with opportunities/circumstances that become available in divine timing. It will appear when you are ready/readied. Allow. Allow. Allow.” in partnership with Archangel Metatron

*photo by Angel Balasha

Go within and remember.

Honouring and then shifting how you feel, 
shifts everything. 

When you feel afraid,
remember…there is courage within you.
When you feel in judgement,
remember…there is compassion within you.
When you feel angry,
remember…there is kindness within you.
When you feel in doubt, 
remember…there is knowing within you.
When you feel anxious,
remember…there is peace within you.
When you feel lost,
remember…there is guidance within you.
When you feel sad,
remember…there is love within you.
When you feel lonely,
remember…there is God within you.

Our Song

My heart 
sings to you.
The notes 
composed by us,
woven into a melody,
high and low,
deep and resonant.
It’s dulcet 
and forte tones,
feelings cherished 
and challenging
echos of our life together.
Our song of love,
soul’s music,
your gift to me.