For the past 25 years through personal growth, experience & education I have developed my heart consciousness. This is a new way of “being” in the world that is more at ease, more accepting and more present.

My joy is to reflect, celebrate and empower the loving wisdom within each of us.

   with love, Sharon Ramesbottom


Definition of inheart (verb):

  • to put heart into
  • to encourage; inspirit
  • to enclose within the substance of the heart

Anagram: inearth

Whole and complete

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We guide you now in your enlightened state to bring together all the frayed, broken, bent, obstructed and damaged parts of you. We help mend these beautiful aspects of you that you have pushed aside, ignored or held in shame. Together, we will stitch you back into the tapestry of your being. Your broken threads need healing and as they are woven together, braided whole, you begin to see/witness the true beauty of the full picture/image of you. You have never stood, whole and complete and viewed yourself in your glory, brilliance, beauty and majesty. Until you finally realize the infinite and magnificent nature of you, you will continue to exist limited- denying the truth of who you are. Allow us to support your growth and acceptance of your entirety. Allow us to guide you on your path towards wholeness.” in partnership with the Arcturians 

You are loved.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

 “Children, let it be known that you are loved. You have struggled so with knowing and understanding what love is and even though you may, at times, feel loved, you still have not grasped how infinitely and eternally loved you are. You have within you a drop, a cup or a pail of doubt. “If I do a wrong thing…I will not be loved. If I falter, fail, misstep …I will not be loved.” This element of doubt is keeping you separate. Keeping you caged up and unable to be wholly free. But once you move into grace, accepting the love you are and all are, you can begin to live how you are meant to…in  joy, well-being, abundance and love. Allow yourself to open up to the possibility that pure love is your essence. The gift that you are through your expression serves us well. There is no change you need to make. Accept yourselves as you are, embrace yourselves and know you are loved just the way you are.” in partnership with God

*photo by Senjuti Kundu (Unsplash)

All is Well

During this meditation on well-being, when you say peace- breathe through your solar plexus and envision yellow. When you say love- breathe through your heart chakra and envision green. And when you say joy, breathe through your crown chakra and envision purple. 

I am well within my being,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my body,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my heart,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my mind and thoughts,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my cells,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my energy systems,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my relationships,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my life circumstances,
in peace, in love, in joy.
I am well within my world,
in peace, in love, in joy.

*photo by Emma Simpson

Each moment of your life is a gift

            Even though at times our lives can feel punishing, life is not a punishment. Our circumstances may be challenging. It may seem we are alone, in over our heads and unable to do “our life”. This is when we get to dig deeper, trust more and show up for the moment in front of us. Because the truth is, we are not alone, circumstances change and life is our greatest opportunity to feel, learn and grow. Our role is to be who we truly are, in experience and expression.   

Through the difficult moments, I have cried, prayed, vented and felt every feeling arising in me. Right now, there is nothing fluffy about my experience. I am so far out of my comfort zone, struggling like a fish out of water and gulping for air. I am flip-flopping and zig-zagging. My feelings intense, I am on a roller coaster of highs and lows. At my lowest, I pray for release and at my highest, I am in loving service. All the while, I am aware that what is before me is a gift. It is not something I can fail or succeed at or something I can do perfectly. It is. It is my life.

A portal of peace and love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We are here to shine bright upon the world so you can see clearly. Our light purifies any illusion, separation, untruths and misperceptions. Conflicts both internal and external may be mended, forgiven during this powerful portal of peace and love. As you move into the energies of 2023, you will all see your place in the grand scheme of life. Your journey is as important as any and you will finally understand the brilliance you carry and express. As you move into your own empowerment, the world opens up to embrace you. The more you open, the more you will be met with momentum and forward movement. You can only know what is in the moment. You will soon get used to living there, allowing your life to unfold as you stay present and aware. Once you are in full expression, there will no longer be struggle. Those days will be over and internal conflict will give way to the joy of being. 

As love surrounds the world and all people come together, you will finally experience the oneship you truly are. This time is precious, for  “becoming” is a gift that you have been waiting for a long time. Allow yourself to savour life now.” in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Patrick (patuphotos)