Love and Union

Today, give yourself as much love as you can. Be your parent, your friend, your lover and unconditionally accept All of you. As your being moves into wholeness, completeness and Oneness, allow your self to open up to Source so you may be known. You are in union and All is Love. 

I am whole. 
I am complete. 
I am One.
All is love.

”I get to”

I received this message on a day that I was struggling. I hope that if you are dealing with a lot on your “to do” list this might brighten your perspective. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“You are sitting there thinking about the old and all its challenges. You are seeing all the problems you are seemingly facing. All the miserable chores that you think you will have to perform. And with this thought process, a heavy, laborious energy pervades your now moment. This energy determines your experience and you determine the energy. So, as of NOW, put down this heavy, dense, fearful, hesitant energy and instil/ infuse a lighter, enjoyable, fun and ease full energy. Understand that your attitude/perspective changes your circumstances. Instead of “I have to”, you can say “I get to”. This changes everything because with this agreement the universe “gets to work with you.” You are allowing instead of controlling. So, the next time you move into this kind of murky energy, clear it, reset it, light it up and allow yourself to enjoy whatever it is “you get to do!” in partnership with God

*photo by Chloe Skinner

You deserve it!

I have been asking for and receiving messages from my Trueself.  I believe the wisdom shared is not specific to me. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is before you and as you sit in this moment, what are you feeling? Is it joy? contentment? gratitude? What are you bringing to this “now” experience. As you pepper (season) your meal (this moment), how do you want it to taste? As it is experienced, enjoyed, how will it go down? Will it be nutritious? Will you get indigestion? You determine everything. You get to choose whether it is savory or sweet, spicy or bland. How do you want this dish/this meal to be? 
As you decide your menu, as you prepare your dish of choice- you are the chef, the sous chef and the diner. You serve yourself whatever is before you on a table that you even get to set. Are you eating standing up and rushing or are you going to decorate, light the candles, sit down and leisurely enjoy every mouthful, every morsel? Your life is made up of meal after meal that you prepare, serve up and ingest. How is your diet? Are you taking the time and putting in the effort to plan a nutritious and delicious meal for yourself or is it fast food you are grabbing. All of the time and effort you put into what is placed in front of you determines how you live your life. Create a tasty, delicious, nutritious and beautiful meal for yourself. You deserve it! “  my Trueself 

A feeling perspective

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we bring through energies of love that support you on both your individual journeys and on the journey of all humankind. You are a part of the whole. You bring so much to the Oneness you share that you sometimes get buried under all that is available. This feeling is not easily managed. It can overwhelm your senses, your heart, your thoughts and your body. The hardest thing though, is understanding and processing this experience. You try to integrate it through your daily life, explaining away the intricacies of what you are feeling. This does not necessarily work well. There are times when you are not feeling what is yours but processing the feelings of the collective. So, try to stop making yourself wrong, doubtful, hesitant about your thoughts and emotions. Start taking notice of them so that you may offer a healing balm, a soothing word or a loving embrace. Start there and move into trusting yourself and knowing intuitively what you would like to feel in the moment you’re in. Have faith that no matter what you are feeling, you may choose anew.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Joice Kelly

The Peace Within

Warring sides
move into grace.
I sit in peace 
and turn to face
the shadowed parts,
the fear, the pain.
I know there 
isn’t any gain
by keeping hate 
alive inside,
the foolish pride
of right or wrong.

We all belong,
together strong.

Helping hands 
will show our might
by building bridges 
of pure light.
Freedom spreads
as borders blend.
Acceptance felt
when our hearts mend.
We join as One 
in all that’s true.
No longer looking 
after the few.
Sisters, brothers
learn to share.
Everyone treated
with loving care.
The peace within
gifts peace to you.
And we create 
the world anew.

Loss and Found

a space 
is created.

Is it a hole,
empty, nothing
is it potential,
a place
to welcome
the unknown?

what was,
what is,
and nurtures
what will be.

A loss, 
and grieved,
to be found
and sown
with love.