Heal, choose, create

We have the opportunity now to let go of the things that no longer serve us. In this time of cocooning, we are transforming ourselves and becoming Anew. When the time comes, we will emerge with wings and with our hearts open. We will fly, uplifted by the beautiful winds of change. 

Let go of your past, choose your true expression in the moment and let’s create the future where we are whole, compassionate and in peace.  

Mining for gold

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“These uncertain times bring great opportunities to dig deep and mine the gold that is hidden there. You are all golden children and you have many layers of rust, tarnish that hide the innate glow & beauty you hold within. This time that you have is stripping it all away so you can finally recognize and remember how truly magnificent you are. 

As each day passes in isolation, you become more comfortable with less distractions and more at ease in your presence. You find little projects to do, listen to more music and maybe paint or draw. All of these pastimes allows you to explore your creativity more and brings you into a feeling of enjoyment. No matter what is going on, there are always moments of joy that can be lived and felt.

  So as you all move forward and you will, the choices you make will be based more on the collective rather than the individual. You will bring a broader perspective into view and you will ensure everyone is considered. This is a great stride and it is what you all want to see happen. So trust in your innate beauty and wisdom. It will bring you along until one day you will look around and the world will have changed.” in partnership with Yeshua 

Trust and Freedom

What if you are always given exactly what you need in the moment you need it and therefore, you can surrender into the experience. If you could TRUST that where you are is always exactly where you are meant to be and you don’t have to doubt, worry, plan, control or fear anything.
You could just be neutral, observing, present.
Would that be FREEDOM? Freedom from the mind’s running account of why this shouldn’t be or that can’t be, who is right and who is wrong. What if nobody has to be one or the another? They all can just “be”. How would the world look then? Everyone in trust, freedom, allowed to just be who they are, expressing as themselves and accepted as a part of the whole.
How would that feel?

Small blessings

I offer this to you from my heart to yours with love.

“Today there is a reason to celebrate. Some may scoff at these words while looking around and denying the beauty that always surrounds them. Look around, dear Ones, what do you see? Do you have comfort? Do you have enough food? Are you able to sleep at night in a comfortable bed? These are the things to celebrate if they are within your experience. These basic needs determine so much of your happiness but they are forgotten, overtaken by thoughts of lack, not enoughness and the desire for more. There is nothing wrong with wanting “more” but it is gratitude for the small blessings that build momentum for the wave of energy that brings to you the many blessings you are calling in. This day that you sit in, is where your focus needs to be. It is at this time that the opportunity is given to pry from you all those feelings of not enough and allow you to celebrate all that you do have. Use all of your tools to maneuver through these times- music, art, literature, etc…all of your gifts. 

You will blossom during this time and as you unfurl, you will become ready to meet me. I am waiting to welcome you home.” in partnership with God

Being of service

Surrendering and allowing ourselves to be guided to where we can be of service is the easiest way to move through your day. This simple yet powerful declaration provides us with these opportunities. It could be a kind word, a smile or an offer to assist. Or it might be to self-care and to maintain the highest vibration possible. Whatever is needed in the moment will be shown to you and you will meet it with ease and grace.