A portal of peace and love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We are here to shine bright upon the world so you can see clearly. Our light purifies any illusion, separation, untruths and misperceptions. Conflicts both internal and external may be mended, forgiven during this powerful portal of peace and love. As you move into the energies of 2023, you will all see your place in the grand scheme of life. Your journey is as important as any and you will finally understand the brilliance you carry and express. As you move into your own empowerment, the world opens up to embrace you. The more you open, the more you will be met with momentum and forward movement. You can only know what is in the moment. You will soon get used to living there, allowing your life to unfold as you stay present and aware. Once you are in full expression, there will no longer be struggle. Those days will be over and internal conflict will give way to the joy of being. 

As love surrounds the world and all people come together, you will finally experience the oneship you truly are. This time is precious, for  “becoming” is a gift that you have been waiting for a long time. Allow yourself to savour life now.” in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Patrick (patuphotos)

Celebrating each and every one of you

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear One, we have gathered today to celebrate your solstice. In this celebration, we honour/see each and every one of you. As we bear witness to your heart, your soul- we sing to you in gratitude for all that you are bringing into your world and beyond. We know that it has not been an easy road and we are grateful for all the travellers that are carving out the paths/roads into the new. You are paving the way for all those to travel afterwards. Their journeys will have been made easier due to your toil and we sit in appreciation for the work you have done. As you move into the new/unknown, you will navigate an easier terrain, not as many obstacles to climb over. You will feel lighter and soon you will be flying. So, let your fears and your struggles go. Move into allowance for the next chapter/journey. It will be filled with more fun, joy, laughter and adventure as you recognize your home and settle in as one big, happy family.” in love and partnership with Mother Mary

A gift of healing energy

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today there is a special energy that will be available for all that are open to receive it. It is yours to accept if chosen and it will help support your movement forward. It is a gentle, healing energy. You can visualize it as swirling around you- soft green, yellow, white and purple. Allow it to bathe and wash away the old, useless residue of past experience so that you may be refreshed and renewed. Allow this gift to settle in your field so that it can continue its healing  for days or until you are fully released of the old and unnecessary. Be aware of what comes up into your consciousness and allow it to leave. Try not to hold on. Imagine a car wash, the energies are the soap and water and you are the car. Afterwards, you will gleam and shine.”   in partnership with Archangel Michael 

*photo by Zulfahmi Khani

Surrender, allow, know

If you are feeling a little sad or a little lost, may this beautiful message from Yeshua fill you with love. I offer it from my heart to yours. 

“May I remind you of how loved you all are. As you serve so are you served.* Every blessing you offer is returned. Every gesture of kindness and care is held within your field, your records, and you are rewarded. Not as how you are on Earth. There are no accolades, gold stars and  prizes. You are rewarded by growth, expansion, wisdom and knowing that you are a conduit of God. The more you surrender, the more Source can use you. The sadness you feel is of surrender. You keep trying to figure out what you “should” do and that no longer resonates, motivates. It is only in “knowing” that you feel comfortable now and when you don’t know, your mind tells you, you are lost. It is untrue. You are meant to just be present and to allow yourself whatever you wish. No demands, just allowance. Keep bringing your mind back into the present, feel where you are, bathe in the energies and allow integration to continue without resistance. Let go of the “should’s”. Be easy on yourself. Love yourself back into wholeness.” in partnership with Yeshua

*there is a saying…”ask to serve and not be served”. I found it interesting that in this message as we serve, we too are blessed.🙏