Allow the unfoldment

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“When you are frustrated it is because you have expectations of where you think you should be. Instead of allowing the journey to unfold, you want to plan on what to pack- just like a regular journey. But this one does not work that way. Each step you take is one closer to your Divine essence and as you move closer you have all these aspects of yourself and former selves that need integrating. They have to be seen, understood, forgiven and then accepted in for transmutation. This is a process to evolve, for you to evolve. So, do not be concerned that you are missing an opportunity as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, consistently doing what you enjoy and allowing the opportunities to find you. When the time comes, you will be ready, able and more than successful in whatever you put your heart & mind to.

   Go with God, trust in yourself & us  and together we will help change the world.” in partnership with Yeshua

I am

“To be as God is, is to be as you are. When you simply are the Isness of yourself, you are open-ended, unlimited, creative and optional. You are allowing; you are movement; you are quiet; you are joy. You are pure energy, powerful direction, all feeling, all thought. Being and loving yourself with all of your being and all of your breath and allowing the virtue of yourself into life are being as God is.

 Simply allow yourself to be an Isness. In being, you are everything. To become God is to say, “I am.” 

                       Pg 144 Ramtha The White Book


I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today let’s explore understanding faith and what that means. Most people believe that they have to understand in order to be in faith and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Faith is accepting the circumstances that you stand in and KNOWING that everything is going to be o.k. That I have your back and that the universe will give you everything you need to have the best possible experience your soul has called to her/him. It is understanding that in perfect timing all things unfold and you will be able to see all the gifts that are waiting for you every step of the way. When you surrender into this way of being, we can lead you to your highest and best outcome and make your journey more enjoyable, more interesting and definitely more fun. I love seeing you all have fun and living with joy. Faith is keeping your arms wide open waiting for all that you deserve and trusting that it will come. If you only could understand how effortless it is to allow/invite me to play with you. 

   Open yourselves up, explore a relationship with me. Have faith that I am always with you. Let’s have fun exploring all of what you are and what you can be.” God

Being in a state of love

No matter what you tell yourself, love them anyway.

No matter what they have done, love them anyway.

No matter what people tell you, love them anyway.

Love understands that we have all been hurt and have hurt others, that we have all been, at one time, the victim & the perpetrator and that we have all needed to be forgiven and to forgive. This is the hard one but it is also the only one that we will all come to embrace. Everyone deserves love. 

“There is no one born, there can be no one born, that is outside of God”

“You cannot be the light and hold another in darkness” The Guides through Paul Selig

Dream big

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is about hope for the future. Many people believe if they put hope into their lives than they are doing something constructive, something worthwhile but dear Ones, hope is saying you do not have faith. Hope says that even if I can’t have this, do that, I will at least pray for it to enter at some point in my life. But what if I told you that you are all way beyond the need for hope. You are the creators of your experience and if you desire something and you want it to appear than all you need do is ask. And then trust that it will be brought to you if it’s for your highest & best good. We are here, ready, to make things happen at your request. You have just forgotten how this game of life works. But you are waking up now and it is time to play.

     Take some time throughout your day to sit and dream. Dream big. Allow yourself to imagine the life you want. What is it that you really want to do, to go, to see? Understand/know that your desire for something plus the feeling, if the result happened, brings to you the experience. There is no need for hope because you have outgrown it. Now you will create and live your dreams. Believe in the possibility and have faith in us so we can usher to you all that you wish and more.” God


Try not to limit yourself in either your feelings or your expression. 

Allow yourself to experience the moment…completely.

Sit in it, fully present in your awareness…BE.

Life will give you what you need, your role is to show up and choose your expression. That is where you learn and become.