Unity and Oneness

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We are bringing the energies of Unity, a divine approach which allows and combines all energies into a supreme, beautiful and ultimate Oneness. It is a gift and a joy to be able to experience and express this through collaboration. We all began together. It is our natural state. Somewhere along the line of maturation, branches of separation occurred. The reasons behind this separation are not relevant anymore but suffice it to say that stage is over/complete. You are now moving back into unity, harmony with the All That Is. Allowing this state of being is natural when you surrender into your true presence. It is natural for you to feel at Oneship with others and with your environment. As you move back into this state of union you will begin to relax, to trust more and your past struggles will fall away. In this new way of being, you will move back into relationship with the Creator. You will know and be conscious of all that surrounds you. Now is the time to truly become One.” in partnership with Archangel Michael

*photo by Jonathan Bean