This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Healing occurs both in the mind centre and within all the systems throughout your body. Acknowledging you have the ability to heal is paramount for the process to begin. There must be a release from the choice to learn through suffering/illness and a surrendering into the knowing of your true Divine perfection. You are all more than capable of complete healing and when you accept this way of being the process of healing begins. You must allow yourselves to let go of your controlling and limiting thoughts in order to fully access the intuitive wisdom within you. This wisdom will always lead you on the path of wellbeing and perfect health if you so choose. It always comes down to your acceptance and acknowledgement of your Divine birthright. It is your true heritage to be pure light & love and that translates in the physical realm as a strong body, clear mind and pure energy field.  Your choice to experience this reality is one that can manifest with ease if you can surrender to me and allow us to help heal you through Divine intervention. It starts with your desire to work alongside us towards your optimum health. Trust in us and decide to take the path of least resistance. Receive and allow the energies to move through you and when you do, you will be able to discern an uptick in your wellbeing. It is with great love that we wish to lessen your suffering and bring you into a state of Grace, the true essence of who and what you are.”with love, always, God

Honouring yourself

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear Ones, today’s message is about being in a state of denial. This happens whenever you do not honour the true nature of your feelings and allow circumstances to throw you off your game. Whenever this happens, stuck emotions can result and that usually creates repercussions in your health & wellbeing. So, whenever a situation arises that throws you for a loop, take a moment and acknowledge how you are feeling. This allows you to understand how something has affected you. It also gives you the opportunity to offer yourself the care and attention you might need. Some circumstances can trigger you but once you stop and acknowledge how you feel that creates a larger opportunity for a different perspective. By honouring yourself you allow a space to develop where your wisdom can move in to lead you forward. Honouring yourself is always the best place to begin. This will allow your feelings a safe place to come out, to surface. Denial unfortunately never solves anything because you eventually will have to face the very thing you are pushing away. So, you might as well face the challenging circumstances so that you can move into the solution your intuitive wisdom is leading you to.” Archangel Gabrielle

Accessing intuition

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“For some of you, intuition is very easy to access but for others it can be challenging. When you are in your mind a lot and not receiving the cues & messages from either your heart or higher self, there can be a crossing of lines, so to speak. Your mind is telling you one thing while your gut is speaking another language. There are many ways your intuition is being brought to you, through your body, your chakras, your causal body, your energy field and your higher self. To integrate all this information you must be present, aware & alert, not solely in your mind. Every part of you must be working together. When this happens, all the cues are easily understood and a clear vision appears. This is your “knowing”. There is never a question attached to it just an understanding of the next step forward. When this happens you are clear thinking, calm and aware that you are operating at a higher level and you generally trust the movement forward. It is not tentative but a wholehearted approach or decision. Generally, this happens once in awhile but you are now moving into the energies that support this way of being. More & more of you will start accessing and living from your intuitive wisdom rather than your mind and this will bring about much needed change. The most helpful way to stay within your intuitive senses is to be in the present moment, relaxed, open and connected to what is happening, what is being said and how you are feeling. It is through your feelings that the messages can start coming in. Always check in with yourself and trust that you have everything you need to understand and to move forward in any given moment. Your higher self is always leading the way if you allow it to  be so.” God

Heart whisperings

As I was critically looking at myself in the mirror this morning I heard…

“you are a masterpiece, you are all masterpieces”. 

I felt a wave of love and appreciation that I joyfully pass onto you.

The idea of happiness

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is a good day to ponder the idea of happiness. This seems to be what everyone is striving for, the end goal of a life well lived. But really, how does one define happiness? Each person has their own set of agenda that determines what makes them feel good, what lifts them up and what brings them forward in joy.  So, as we look at each other, we are looking at them with eyes that are shielded by the truth of who and what they are. We are looking through a distorted idea of what they should do, say, think because we are trying to shape them into our package so that we can “feel good, be happy” with them. And the ones that do not conform to this idea of our wellbeing, are pushed away and seen as unworthy of our time & attention. But what if we did not have any set idea of what “being happy” is? What if whatever we were feeling in the moment is what creates our wellbeing? So, if you are angry or sad, you don’t view this as a bad day but a time to go within and offer love and care to yourself. An opportunity to understand what might be going on within yourself. A time for reflection and then a release so that you can choose another feeling, consciously, heartfully aware of the desire to “feel” a different way. Would this not be a little easier? To just allow yourself to”be” without judgement of whether it is good or bad? Feeling “happy” can be limiting if that is the only experience you want. Embrace the full spectrum of emotions. It will help you understand yourselves and others more.” with love and care, Yeshua

Coming home

Sometimes I catch myself off on a wild goose chase, my mind out of control thinking about the past or future. I take a conscious breath bringing myself back into the now. My attention drops to my heart and I’m home.