Grace and Prudence

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we bring to you the very necessary energies of grace and prudence. These two energies might not seem to go together but they do at the level of vibration you are experiencing. These two energies feed you incrementally, in small doses. Instead of a mountain, you are being given pebbles in which a mountain is built. You are then able to understand, grasp the blessing (pebble), integrate it and lift a little higher from it. As each pebble is added, you stand higher until one day soon, you are standing on a mountain top. Many of you want to be on the highest peak immediately. You are craving the pure air, the view and the feeling one gets by being high up, free. But first, you must acclimate, get comfortable and become part of each new level you reach so that when you get to the top, you are ready to fly. And fly, you will. So, be patient with your growth, your personal journey. Allow the pebbles of grace to come and add them to your pile. Understand that no matter where you stand and at what height, you are in perfect alignment with divine will and your highest good. Appreciate your view and celebrate each pebble.” in partnership with Mother Mary

*photo by Paul Tinsley

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