Love your perfect imperfections

Our true expression is to unconditionally love and accept all the many aspects of ourselves and others. We have learned to judge and shame. It is time to allow, bless and love ourselves back into wholeness. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“You sit today wondering whether you are good or bad, relevant or not and whether you may comprehend the totality of your experience. You are judging certain aspects of yourself. You are scrunching your eyes closed so as not to see these characteristics that you deem unattractive. BUT what if we tell you that there is no unattractive, good or bad or even relevant aspects- there is only YOU. All of you is necessary to make up the very essence that is the eternal, infinite expression of the Divine. All of you serves you and the whole. To experience everything, to understand the infinite range of you is to indeed love these aspects and appreciate their capacity to expand your very presence. Don’t you know- you cannot be limited. It is not possible. When you try to subdue, repress or ignore a part of you, it will always backfire. It cannot stay down, unseen, shamed or guilted into silence/hidden. It will eventually appear, head held high, attacking your senses until it is acknowledged, allowed, appreciated and then loved back into you. So, you might as well accept these perfect imperfections. Stop judging them and start appreciating the ultimate gift they give you to know yourself- ALL of YOU.” in partnership with Yeshua

Moment to moment

This message was received after I was berating myself for “not doing” enough. If this resonates, may it also be of benefit to your precious and perfect journey. I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“When you sit and think about what you feel you should do in order to be productive, relevant, supportive or of service, you are, in fact, stopping the flow of your true expression and divine will. It is only in the moment that you will be led to your highest expression/service. Any other time you are in “your” choice and then “the old” may re-appear, drawing you back rather than forward. Your mind can only see/visualize what has already been. Until you reach higher mind/God mind, you would still be creating from an old platform/foundation. Where you stand now is in the new and here you will be shown the way forward. Led and guided, supported and encouraged to be in divine will and connected “for & to” the highest good of all. So, trust and have faith in your evolution, your journey, your heart and wisdom. Allow the moment to present, allow yourself to embrace the new in joy and wonder. Be curious and open. Alert and aware. Be present and live expansively.” my Trueself

*photo by Cory Schadt

In joy

Within a “feeling” there is so much happening. It is all encompassing if you allow yourself to stay with it and in it. Joy is mostly fleeting for me. Moments that flit through my heart and energy field bringing me into a state of awe.
How does Joy feel to you?

The feeling of joy….

wonder full

Live BIG

I channeled this message on the day of June’s Full Moon. I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we come and surround you in love and in light. On this auspicious day, as the moon gifts her many blessings and the sun shines bright (regardless of clouds), we sit with you in the knowledge that All Is One. We move into communion, joining together with Source and humanity, the many universes and all the inhabitants, great and small. We know ourselves in love and wisdom and we know all others with the same reverence and respect. We understand evolution of spirit and we are here, in this moment, to witness the ever-evolving you. You are growing, expanding, becoming more and this is eternally so. And as we bear witness, we grow ourselves, we expand as you do and this is a universal law. Everything connected and affected. As are you, we are. So, after bringing your attention to this insight, understand, the reverse is true. Everything we are, you are. Take a moment now to truly digest this information and then consider how much bigger, more powerful, brighter and wiser you must be. The limited shell you have been living in, is just that, an encasing of spirit, in experience with the physical. It served and continues to serve you well. The lessons you are learning are invaluable to all but it is only one aspect of who you are. So, from now on, think BIG, BE BIG and KNOW unequivocally that you are an immense, wise, Divine, eternal and infinite being. As you live in this more expansive state, your life will expand to support this new vision/new idea of you. Live BIG! Enjoy it! “ in partnership with the Dragon Collective

*photo by Rock Vincent Guitard

A welcoming heart


and kind,
Its door
held ajar,
you in.
A warm
and glows,
heavy layers
to be
shrugged off.
and familiar,
a feeling
of comfort
sinks deep
within your
“Be with me,
dear friend.”
As love,
in love,
two hearts


I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We gather today to offer our blessings and good tidings/goodwill. This old statement encapsulates all the goodness of community. Well wishes for joy, health and prosperity, wrapped up in a handshake, a greeting or a hug. This allows one to embrace their neighbour’s goodwill and celebrate with them all the blessings each family has. There is no jealousy or envy and no one is judging another. There is no better than or less than. A value is not put on a person outside of them being a member of the community, the township. “All who live here, all who reside within these boundaries are treated well, respected and cared for.” This goodwill is easier to accomplish on a smaller scale where everyone might look the same, speak the same language, believe in the same things. But when the area is bigger and more differences prevail then  it gets harder to find a coherent and comfortable greeting. Everyone acknowledges their community members differently and sometimes differences outdo similarities. But all of this is on the surface, when you dig deeper, wishing someone joy, health, prosperity and blessing them with the grace of community, will always be received by the heart. You will always feel at home when you receive or bless another with goodwill/good tidings.” partnership with the Dragon Collective

*photo by mauro maro