Whole and complete

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We guide you now in your enlightened state to bring together all the frayed, broken, bent, obstructed and damaged parts of you. We help mend these beautiful aspects of you that you have pushed aside, ignored or held in shame. Together, we will stitch you back into the tapestry of your being. Your broken threads need healing and as they are woven together, braided whole, you begin to see/witness the true beauty of the full picture/image of you. You have never stood, whole and complete and viewed yourself in your glory, brilliance, beauty and majesty. Until you finally realize the infinite and magnificent nature of you, you will continue to exist limited- denying the truth of who you are. Allow us to support your growth and acceptance of your entirety. Allow us to guide you on your path towards wholeness.” in partnership with the Arcturians