Commune, receive, expand

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Thank you for calling on us. We welcome the mingling of your beautiful energy with ours. As we sit together we can enjoy each other’s company. There are times when words are not necessary. The gift of a teaching or wisdom can be transferred in a moment by the immediate connection that combines with and allows for the messages to flow in. This is done not through the corridors of your mind but through your heart and other higher senses. So, let us be together. Open yourself up to us and accept the love we have to pour in. As you welcome it, it gifts to you the blessing of communion. When you move outside yourselves and into Oneness, you expand to receive so much more. You are not limiting and staying small but you expand into the energies that surround us. And you are vast. As you expand out, your field moves into alignment with more of the All That Is.  And as you join together, allowing yourself to receive greater blessings of Divine energy, that in turn, begins to empower the inner workings of your individual field. This allows for congruency and it allows you to expand more. The more you receive, the more you become. You are the only ones limiting yourselves. So sit with us, invite us in, commune & receive and then expand into the vast, precious, eternal light that you are. As you shine so does the rest of the world. Light up your life as brightly and widely as possible.” in partnership with the Arcturians

Stepping into the unknown

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We come today to celebrate the shift that is your homecoming, your inheritance. You are all stepping up and into the energies that will support your movement forward. Even though what is before you might be disappointing or uncomfortable, please know that it too will shift into a phase that looks anew. Understand that your histories, the old, may appear in order to be recognized and released so that your choices do not replicate it. You may choose from a higher perspective. Once that takes place and you are not repeating your experiences, you will have stepped into the unknown where everything is possible. This will enable you to move along with a new way of being in your lives. This shift takes time. You are learning a different skill set in order to navigate and your motives/desires are changing as well. Be patient with this transition and allow the pieces to fall into place so you may have the appropriate realizations to help you with your discernment and choices. Wait until you “know” and try not to sit and ruminate “what ifs”. There is great change in front of you and the best possible way to move through it is in trusting that you will always be met with the highest good possible for you in the moment. With each step your journey unfolds de-light-fully. Allow your choices to be in love and understand that as you move forward into the unknown, the foundation you are building will support the new that is being raised- replacing the old and creating a place where rebirth, renewal and regeneration may occur.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Aron Visuals

Welcome to love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we come to deliver tidings to you and the rest of humanity in ways that soothe and allow the truth of who you are to surface joyfully and completely. This way forward can lead you into a time when all humanity opens up to their potential for a peaceful and loving existence. Division has reigned too long. It is now your time to rein in judgement and to seek connection with your fellows/family. It is time to allow, welcome home everyone and to accept ALL with the grace of a handshake, an embrace. Would you not want animosity to move away from within your systems and the world at large. In order to become complete and true, you must embrace every aspect of yourself and every person as worthy of love. Every part/member of humanity is worthy of the love available. The Creator does not hold back, deem any element unworthy. All is acknowledged, seen and accepted as “part of”. Once you move into union and join together, celebrating diversity, celebrating expression, you can then move into community in a way that enables growth. Not by witnessing the new but as an active participant, creating the very circumstances that move you into the new. Together you will find the way to collectively be in love, a vibration of acceptance and allowance. Together you will drop the judgements and collaborate so that the future can be bright and blissful for the generations to come. You are already on your way. Welcome to love.” in partnership with Archangel Metatron

*photo by Marcel Ardivan

Everyone is special, worthy and Divine

We spend our lives trying to prove our “specialness”. Since childhood, we are taught that we have to show ourselves as special in order to be seen or acknowledged. Competition is set up to have a winner or a loser. Grades are given to illustrate “better than” or “less than”. Leadership qualities are respected and “followers” are seen as weak and controllable. Power and wealth are sought to help us “feel” special. And we like to take all the credit when we achieve it. “It was all my hard work. I am deserving. My family is better and more worthy.”  This feeling of specialness is what we thought we wanted to experience. We separated from Source to prove that we can do it alone. And we compare ourselves with each other to measure our success. We didn’t understand that it is a never-ending cycle. We achieve something only to discover that someone else has done better, has more. 

   But what if….

your true specialness is actually the aspect of you that is of God. What if instead of denying Source, you move into union with the Creator. What if you have always been special and worthy, as are ALL,  just by your presence. And what if your specialness is not comparable, it is not yours alone but is OURS to celebrate. Your blessings are our blessings. Your strength is our strength. Everyone is known and seen as special, worthy and Divine. 

Let us move out of separation, the need to compare and move into a time of collaboration with God and each other. We can shine bright, not as single light bulbs but as an ocean of light. Let us come together and sing in harmony, illumining the world as ONE.

Golden light

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“The Christ light is shining in. Accept it with our love and allow it to permeate your being. This gift of golden light offers love and healing in ways that are needed now. These energies are truly yours to ascribe to and yours to maintain. They revolve around your energy field creating a field that supports your movement forward and upward. Allow this to be a calling card for all who you come in contact with. Your introduction and blessing that you pass on. As you radiate this light/energy, all will bask and become, only to be the ones to pass it forward. Not by holding it in but by combining with, by becoming whole. And as you each connect together with this light so shall the Kingdom be lit. It is a bright light and one that is never extinguished. For you carry it within yourself, the spark of the Divine, and you are meant to radiate it out, not keep it hidden. As the spark within moves into radiance/alignment with the Christ light without, so shall you spread the rays/waves- covering, enveloping, transforming all that is holding itself separate. This loving, healing light just shines. It just “is”. It does not fix, it witnesses the God/Divine in another. Go forth into your day, be the light that you are and bask in the warmth of your heart and mine.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Bruno Nascimento