Each moment of your life is a gift

            Even though at times our lives can feel punishing, life is not a punishment. Our circumstances may be challenging. It may seem we are alone, in over our heads and unable to do “our life”. This is when we get to dig deeper, trust more and show up for the moment in front of us. Because the truth is, we are not alone, circumstances change and life is our greatest opportunity to feel, learn and grow. Our role is to be who we truly are, in experience and expression.   

Through the difficult moments, I have cried, prayed, vented and felt every feeling arising in me. Right now, there is nothing fluffy about my experience. I am so far out of my comfort zone, struggling like a fish out of water and gulping for air. I am flip-flopping and zig-zagging. My feelings intense, I am on a roller coaster of highs and lows. At my lowest, I pray for release and at my highest, I am in loving service. All the while, I am aware that what is before me is a gift. It is not something I can fail or succeed at or something I can do perfectly. It is. It is my life.