Receive, appreciate, be grateful and enjoy

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“As we sit together sharing one mind, one heart, you can feel the aliveness, the presence of all that is. You are one with this and when you can let go of your separateness, the desire to “go it alone”, “to do it right”, the sooner you can arrive at a place where grace enters and draws you forward. This beautiful flow of acceptance and allowance can make such a difference in your life. It determines whether you can trust the nudges and the knowing your True Self gives you as you move through the day. No longer will you need to plan everything but instead you can rest in the knowledge that you will be led one moment at a time. In the new energies, this is the best way to navigate. Things are changing so fast that planning a route does not make sense anymore. Adventure, fun, surprise and delight will be your new approach. What experiences will be brought to me today? What can I learn today? How can I create today? Think of it as a big amusement park and you have just arrived. You are not familiar with the grounds and you are looking around at all the rides and attractions. You are trying to figure out what you want to experience first. Wouldn’t it be more fun to just explore? To walk around, wide-eyed and be delighted in the moment. This is how your lives will feel like. You round a corner and there it is- a blessing, a gift to surprise you with. Your role now is to receive, appreciate, be grateful and enjoy. This is new for many of you who have had to work so hard to find this joyful approach. Joy is exactly the feeling that will light your way, point you in the direction where your Higher Self will lead you from. Understand that fun is not frivolous. It is your natural state when you surrender and trust that you are always supported. Let go, enjoy, trust and be the beautiful creators you are.” in partnership with God

*photo by Katherine Auguste


I am a divine being,
as are you.

I am sovereign,
as are you.

I am here to experience, 
express and learn,
as are you.

I am guided and supported,
as are you.

I am powerful,
as are you.

I am limitless potential,
as are you.

I am a co-creator,
as are you.

I  am responsible for what I say, 
feel, see, think and do,
as are you.

I am love and I am loved,
as are you.

I am living a life I choose
one moment at a time,
as are you.

I am
you are
we are
God is

Rewriting your story

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message finds you at a place that honours your full life experience. Everything has led you to this moment and it is at this moment that you will be led to the next. Everyone wants to know the end of a story. Will it be happy or sad? Are there any scary parts and will tears be shed? Many of you just want to watch comedies in order to feel good and this is how you live your lives. In each moment, as you meet an experience, a response is chosen. This response adds the tone to what is playing out before you. If you look at something and define it as frightening, you will be scared. The same thing goes for funny, sad and every other emotion. Your story unfolds as you respond to the circumstances you find yourselves in. What if we were to tell you that in this moment of time you may write the narrative in a way that redefines everything? The scary parts seen as funny, the sad stories as empowering and the love stories may bring tears of gratitude. All of these storylines seen and felt anew. No longer do you need to feel something with the history behind it but it can be experienced with fresh eyes, a fresh approach. Think what this could do- redefining your life one moment at a time and creating a new story that can be experienced in a whole new way. What FREEDOM, when you no longer deem death as sad, an illness as painful and fear as an option. Free to feel in new ways and to express them through countless vehicles of light. This is the new way of BEING. Trust that as you move further along your path you will be in more and more enjoyment.” in partnership with Archangel Michael

*photo by Ed Robertson

Happy Heart Day

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Love is an energy that infuses all beings/all things. It is divine essence and it spills forth like a golden liquid moving into the spaces between matter, embodying all potential and being gifted through your hearts. Your hearts are the messengers, bringing this beautiful essence home to you- like an umbilical cord attaching you to God. It is in this union that all are nourished with divine grace. As you drink it in, you remember the time when you were all held in love, suspended and protected within this golden fluid. You can remember this by simply moving into your hearts and opening up to the connection you naturally, inherently have to Source. Being held is where your home is and this is a state of being, not a place, not even a feeling but a knowing that you are always loved, seen and honoured for who you are. You are special, not in ways that determine worth, you are already worthy, but in ways, that support your beautiful, unique signature that expands, enlivens and elevates us all. You are precious beyond measure, each one seen as who you truly are, children of God, light-bringers and loved eternally. Remember this- in every moment you are loved.” 

Bringing ourselves back into wholeness

I offer this message from my heart to your with love.

“Today’s message conveys a brilliance that allows celestial and galactic light to move through, enter in and then ground firmly into Mother Earth. This brilliant light attracts all the different aspects of “you” that may be floating about waiting to arrive home. This homecoming is to be celebrated for you have worked tirelessly to ready your vessel to receive them with the love & attention necessary. Inviting in these bits and pieces will finally bring you back into wholeness and into Grace. So, in the following weeks allow yourself a little alone time, sitting in silence and welcoming yourself back into this wholeness of “being”. Know that there is nothing to do but receive, accept, allow and honour who you are in completeness. It is like finishing a puzzle that has taken a very long time and you are finally seeing the last pieces move into place. You are the masterpiece that is whole/complete and the picture that is now in front of you reflects every aspect of you. When the time comes to disassemble the puzzle, you will know that it has all of its pieces. This is a great blessing since you have been walking around for many lifetimes with pieces missing, hidden from sight and not invited back. But now, you are the masterpiece and you can live knowing that you have accepted ALL of you, every aspect worthy and loved.” in partnership with Buddha 

*photo by Sigmund

Choosing joy

I asked Yeshua for his wisdom last night. And this is what I received…

“Joy brings everything into Grace. God does not want you struggling, doing it “right” but instead- fun & laughter, wonder, curiosity, surprise and delight are the energies that ignite the flame within. When you play, enjoy yourself and laugh, your light disperses and radiates forth. It is what uplifts and brings in pleasure. No matter where you are, what you are doing, you can do it with pleasure and grace. Ease is then experienced because brightness attracts the same and struggle turns into a victory lap- hands held high and a feeling of accomplishment through grace. When your head is down, figuring it out and judging your actions, resistance falls into place like rusty metal. To be in flow, one must allow creativity to enter and be received. Joy brings you into an open field of potential. 

I then ask …”How do we stay in joy?”

Joy is in the moment.  Feel it… the warmth of the coffee, the comfortable chair, free time, a good dinner. When you turn your mind and heart to the things that bring you joy, it floods into your life and sweeps you away into the sea of love. Find joy and you will have found peace.” 

 Although this message is not new for me, I seem to need a reminder every so often that in each moment, I may choose joy. To see everything with appreciation and a heart filled with gratitude. That is where my joy is. Whether it is a person, place or thing, I can just enJOY being. I open up to grace joyfully and allow divine will to lead the way. Thank you, Yeshua🙏