Receptivity and Grace

“Today’s message is a gift. A gift from my heart to yours and beyond. This exchange of energy that I am giving with love will be received over and over for eternity. As you become the perfect vessels of receptivity you are, more light can filter in and through. This allows for the clearing of anything that is no longer serving your highest good. Allow for this process and be open to receive. That is the key. Being in a state of grace keeps you open to your inheritance and allows you to step into the power of your True Self. Being who you are powerfully will illumine all those around you inspiring them to shine their lights brightly. And so it goes, one after another, receiving, amplifying, illumining and sharing until you all stand in your brilliance. The light explores itself through you-magnifies, adjusts and then illumines more of what is needed. You are transformers. As you transform the light you are you expand and rise until the day you meet yourself, the God within.”  in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Ben White

Bless and Commend

Each time my mind moves into judgement I use it as an opportunity to turn it into a blessing. I drop down into my heart and send out love in the form of this attunement…

                  “I am Word through the one I see before me. Word I am Word.

                   I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth.

                   I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. 

                   You are free.” The Guides through Paul Selig

  As you bless, you are blessed in return, the Divine witnessing the Divine.


I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today the message is both powerful and necessary. The love that you are is seeking to move back home. For many eons, like teenagers, you left to seek your own way other than the parent but now it is time to be in reunion. You have had your growth as separate individuals in the human experience . You have experienced different lifetimes exploring duality, feeling what it was like to forget your inheritance. Now the time has come to move back into kinship and embrace each other as the family you truly are. You are all from the same mother/father and you are loved equally and unconditionally. There is not one that is not welcome and I am waiting for the time that we can celebrate our Oneness, the beauty of wholeness. Let us bring the time near when you may travel back into my heart and feel the love that I have for you. Surrender and in so doing you become the precious lights that you are, brilliant diamonds each and every one of you.” in partnership with God

*Photo by Timon Studler

Releasing the old

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we talk about the depths of sorrow you are experiencing now. You are releasing the old and are grieving over the endings you see in front of you. This deep sorrow heals the wounds that have been inflicted and felt. It is the salve that when spread over memories bring closure, like closing a book after you finish a story. 

      Sorrow is not comfortable and when you feel it your mind wants to push it away but your heart draws it closer. To honour how you feel is your highest service. Try to stay in the moment and allow yourself your sadness. Allow yourself to feel and release anything that arises and know that in so doing you are healing the past and setting yourself free from any judgements you hold. There is nothing to fix. All will move back into love, forgiveness and perfection of Source, Divine light.

     Be gentle with yourselves. ALL that you experience expands the whole. 

 It is time to embrace the new without the tethering of the old. Let go and rise.”  in partnership with Archangel Gabrielle

Knowing who you are

Heart leading forward,

greeting the world in love, peace and compassion.

The Divine witnessing the Divine,

God in expression. 

This is grace.

YOU are the light that lights the way.🙏