September’s sun

Sitting in 
late summer’s sun,
Fall blows in 
to have some fun.
Cool breeze 
kisses both my cheeks
as I turn my face 
to the warmth I seek.
My body sighs 
with a deep exhale,
as my thoughts go 
to snow and hail.
My heart 
reminds me of this day,
don’t go to Winter 
straight away.
First enjoy 
the gift of Fall,
bright colours, blue skies, 
and best of all, 
the sun is warm 
until it’s time 
to bundle up 
or go inside.

*photo by Dakota Roos

Dreams do come true, they are waiting for you.

For all my sisters and brothers who are feeling a little stuck, unsure, demotivated or confused. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is one filled with hopes and dreams, a compilation of your heart’s desires. A beautiful montage that you have pieced together throughout your years. We celebrate your precious heart and understand that there have been times where the picture/image created has not been honoured/experienced. But no matter, because it doesn’t go away, it remains bright and ready to move into fruition at your beckoning. You did not miss out, lose any opportunity meant for you. Everything circles around, waiting in your field to be realized, experienced, felt and enjoyed. Understand, that which is within you is seeded and whether it grows and blossoms now or later is your choice. All seeds need care and attention- direct action. And when you place your focus/intention on them, they will respond, grow and bloom. Trust that the seeds you have planted will thrive. Be patient and allow yourself the time you need.” in partnership with Yeshua

Believing in you

When self-doubt seizes 
all your thoughts
and worry unravels
the choices sought-
hold within
what you know as true,
the most empowered version of you. 

When worst case scenarios 
take up your time,
as all kinds of villains
play in your mind-
hold within
what you know as true,
the most empowered version of you. 

When lost at the crossroad,
hero confused
and no step is taken,
both feet refuse-
hold within
what you know as true,
the most empowered version of you. 

When tears are shed 
of fear and dread,
your watery release
from ease and peace-
hold within
what you know as true,
the most empowered version of you. 

When you believe 
the empowered you
and trust in all 
that you can do,
you become 
the version that’s true,
holding within
a master’s view.

*photo by Ryan Moreno

My joyful heart

I cycle through feelings of joy and frustration, trying to figure out where I am in this “ascension” process; a beautiful illustration of how the heart (joy) and the mind (frustration) is experiencing it all. I spend my precious moments either judging myself (mind) or in love with myself (heart). Back and forth I go, into the Upper Room and then dipping down to a lower vibration. When I am confused (mind), I get the message to enjoy the process and know (heart) that this is what I came here to experience.  One of these days, I will wake up and allow myself my feelings, unconditionally. I will embrace the moment, trusting it is perfect because that is what I’ve chosen. I will finally let my heart lead the way – to joyfully be as I am.