The Blue Dragons of Pleiades

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

I am just starting to build and explore my relationship with the Dragons. It is both foreign and familiar to me. If you would like to learn more about them, I would recommend Diana Cooper’s book “Dragons…Your Celestial Guardians”

“We come to you today to welcome all who wish to work/be with us in this new era that is upon us. We wish to introduce ourselves to you. If you desire, you can call on us for the wisdom we hold, the healing we gift and the love we share. We are always available to you. All that is required is for you to invite us in. It is an easy request that will allow us to send you messages and surround you in our blue healing light. We will arrive willing to aid in whatever you are encountering and we will never usurp your power or request anything more of you. We are available whenever you are willing to engage. 
 The Dragons have been around a very long time and our relationship with humanity moves in and out of flow depending on whether there is an open communication channel. Although we have been here, you have not always been able to access us but it has gotten easier and we have been able to reinstate an open line of communication with you. We are pleased with this and hope that we will get to know you better as times permit/progress. More and more of you will naturally find us through your own remembrance of past lives where we have been in contact with each other. May you seek the help available, knowing that we are here and wish to be of service. Thank you for your attention.” in partnership with The Blue Dragons of Pleiades

*photo by Magdalena Smolnicka

Heart blessings

My heart’s 
stream of love
finds the rivers 
that flow above,
winding towards
the ones I seek,
the troubled, sick
and precious meek.

Sitting still, connecting with,
feeling care and wishing to share this powerful energy 
moving through me,
finding places it wants to be.

Blessings sent
are well received,
send blessings back
that help perceive the echo of the God within.

Joined as One,
our gifts of love
flow back and forth
on rivers above.

We are powerful, Source energy beings of light.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message brings in so much light that it flows through all systems that are in resistance. It reaches all the nooks and crannies, all places that have been void of light, hidden away, tucked under and shielded by the part of you that is afraid you are unworthy. Unworthy of being in the glorious rays of God’s unconditional love. Afraid that if you come out of hiding, you will be ignored or even worse, not accepted into the “club of light”. You will be met at the door and before you can enter, someone will stop you and say…“No, you don’t belong here. Go away.” This has been your experience on Earth for many lifetimes and it is now time for you to fully comprehend that no one can put you outside of the light unless you allow them to. No one has the power to tell you, you are not welcome, you don’t belong and you are unworthy. It is simply not true and has never been. And once you finally allow yourself to be the master of your own life experience and step into your power as a Source energy being of light, you can take back what is rightfully, divinely yours. Your true essence can then lead you forward in your knowing, worth and might. You are powerful. You can decide to accept this inheritance and be the one that determines your experience on Earth. Allow the light to stream in, bathe in it and know that every aspect of you is worthy and part of the whole ocean that is God’s love.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Cristian Palmer

Whole and free

Braiding together,
becoming whole,
matter and spirit
integrating soul.
Divine energy
anchoring to Earth,
a beautiful home 
for our rebirth.

Allowing breath 
to quiet the mind,
the heart awakens
and there we find
the wisdom within 
that guides so well.
Listening intently,
we foretell 
the grace and ease
that will appease
our resistance and doubt.

Feeling alone
and mainly without
dissolves with trust 
which is about 
to the God 

Our True Self claims
our sovereignty,
ego retreats
and faith deletes 
the old programs 
that kept us all 
small and weak
and incomplete. 

Our vibration rising
to the octave above,
we come together in 
peace and love.
We sing our songs
in harmony,
Source with humanity.

Life is a gift
to ascend and lift
into the unknown,
where ALL will be,
whole and free.
Aspects of God,
that’s what we are,
light, colour,
tone and star.

Dear God

With each breath, I breathe you in.
With each touch, I feel you.
With each thought, I trust in you.
With each heartbeat, I am One with you.
With each choice, I surrender to you.
With each footstep, I walk beside you.
With each word, I create with you.
With each action, I play with you.
With each feeling, I expand into you.
With each blessing, I am grateful for you.
With each moment, I express through you.
With each opportunity, I learn from you.
With each voice, I listen to you.
With ALL that I see, I am in love with you.

“Behold, I make all things new. It will be so.
God is. God is. God is.” Melchizedek through Paul Selig

*photo by Simon Berger

Light and dark

Darkened rooms, 
doors locked,
captive secrets 
that shame and shock.
Hidden away, 
to be seen,
and redeemed.

Time to explore
these aspects of you,
you calmly unlock 
and bravely walk through.
This part of your story 
is there to tell,
as is the glory 
that’s you as well.

Light floods in
as you open the door,
nothing inside 
wishes to hide.
Memories of lives 
trying to survive,
to share feelings felt 
and lessons dealt. 
Once found, 
uncovered with care,
the beauty within 
is ready to share.

Rooms are all lit, 
a welcoming home,
a loving portal 
into the unknown.
Your heart offers comfort, 
a nourishing meal 
to guests that arrive,
ready to heal.

Stories are told, 
their words supported,
experiences accepted 
and we are transported
into their world
where we get to feel 
their woe and joy 
that is so real.

Light and dark 
seen anew,
all aspects of us 
are whole and true.