My experience

A few years back, a former manager phoned me. She wanted to know if I would come work for her. I gently declined.  We then spent some time catching up. After our chat, she said bluntly…”Why Sharon, you are just a loser.” With some reflection and a little chuckle, my response was…”That’s funny, I don’t feel like a loser. I have a beautiful family. I am doing what I want. I am able to be creative and I am happy.” 

Every so often, I think back to that conversation. At the time, I realized she was looking at my life through her filter of success. She did not value my circumstances and she projected that judgement of failure onto me. But I did not align or accept it. I knew that I was living a life I both appreciated and was grateful for. 

Today, I wish to share this experience, to remind you that you have a choice. You can listen to people who tell you things that have nothing to do with you. You can accept their beliefs and feel bad about yourself. Or you can choose to thank them for giving you the opportunity to commit to your authentic expression. The more opportunities you have to keep choosing yourself, the more empowered you become until one day you no longer need reminding. Because you know…you are enough, you are worthy and you are perfect just the way you are. 

The illusion of time

Let go of time,
the daily strife.
Without a clock 
to guide your life, 
eternal moment 
holds your hand,
keeps you present 
where you stand.
The frantic rushing 
through your day
calms down 
to stillness
straight away. 
In front of you,
experience awaits,
at your gate.

When you allow 
your heart to lead,
each beat a refuge, 
a loving retreat,
the joy of being
imbues the scene
with brilliant colours 
and mood serene.
Shades of grace
fill in the blanks,
countless blessings
and heartfelt thanks.
Source, Creator,
there with you,
let go of time,
it is NOW 
that’s true.

*photo by mana5280

Coming together in peace and in love, as One.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We come today to shine bright on all that is unfolding on Earth at this time. The message we have is one of faith and trust. With them you create countless possibilities and move forward in grace and with ease. Although you may not always see the positive in every opportunity/ circumstance, it is there. This is where faith and trust come into play. When your faculties cannot make sense, we suggest you make choices dedicated/aligned to the experience you wish to have in your lifetime. Do you wish conflict or peace? Anger or love? Scarcity or abundance? The choices you make daily, reverberate through the collective field and create possibilities that are then mirrored back to you on the world stage. Every time you find a peaceful solution rather than choosing anger and mayhem, you show how reality can play out. You are the example and if peace can be woven through your life experience, how are the chances it can be seen on a larger scale? Choose with your heart. Lead with your heart. And the world will find more loving solutions possible. Let us create a new story where the people of every country come together in peace and in love, as One.” in partnership with Mother Mary

They have a right to be, as do you

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“You are expecting things/feelings to be a certain way in order to make sense of it. But everything changes, transforms, lifts or drops, nothing stays the same, no one stays the same. You are looking to understand yourself and where you stand with these significant people in your life. And you think if you figure it out- you have solved the puzzle of you. The tangle of emotions and thoughts will magically unravel and behold- you will see the truth. But the truth of what? If you can stop trying to understand and be whatever you are in the moment, allowing yourself, accepting yourself without resistance, then you will move to the next, choosing anew from a perspective that has been shaped but not decided upon. You can let go of the feeling you had and allow yourself a new experience and different expression. You then are responsive and not reactive. Stop trying to understand. Truly allow and be in full receipt. From there you are to choose which direction/ feeling/thought/action you want to express.    Love is in witness to, in allowance and acceptance of…they have a right to be, as do you.“ in partnership with God

*photo by Domingo Alvarez E

To live in love, with love, as love

Although a little late, I offer this message to you in celebration of the divine feminine and all those who nurture, care and love. 

“Today sets the tone to how you may look at your life and the lives of others. As you greet your families in celebration for the love you share, you may also extend this precious gift outwards to your communities and to the world. This gift of love nurtures, heals and defines all that it touches. It gives hope to the hopeless, bread to the hungry, kindness to the shunned and breath to newborns. It is the Creator’s divine gift to us. We are the receptacles, the vessels that when allowed, receives and then issues out doses to who/what we choose to administer it. This elixir heals the wounds within our hearts, the scars of our minds and the torment within our souls.  We, as mothers, take special care in giving love away. To do so unconditionally and to know that love is an unlimited resource that we can access, allows the mother to give what is needed, required, in ways that supports the ones in her care. Everyday, there is a special calling of her attention and when she brings her awareness/focus to it and offers the loving kindness that is always available, at her fingertips, then love blooms. Everyone benefits, as love creates love and as it spreads/radiates out, so the world changes. Shifting from abandonment, feeling separate to feeling “together”, in family, belonging to, changes the life experience. Changes everything. And once you realize the pure power of love, it will replace fear and unworthiness and bring you back home, into the kingdom, to live in love, with love, as love.” in partnership with Mother Mary

Unknown waters

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“On this day there is a particular energy/vibration that is easy to access if you bring your minds and hearts to it. It will be present for you, a gift to receive so that your systems may calm, your disposition brighten and your feelings assured. You may very well be drifting now, a little unmoored. We have created a flow, a current that is bringing you along at your pace, sweeping you forward. As you feel this unmooring, your systems try to navigate, take control in order to chart your course but there is no place to go that you are aware of. These are unknown waters and the course is on autopilot. All you need do is let go and trust that where you are going is to a place, a shore, that is in benefit to the collective. You can enjoy the ride and watch the view. As it passes by, understand that it is all temporary and try not to get attached to what you see and hear. Allow your surroundings to adapt, shift, change or stay the same. No matter where you are and what you see, I am there. Trust that each moment is working with, in conjunction to, the whole now. You get to see your view and sometimes beyond but the whole perspective/picture is not yet complete. Try not to make assumptions and live your life as if each moment is precious.” in partnership with God

*photo by Sergi Marlo