Changing the world, one heart at a time

When you filter your life through your heart, magical things happen. You no longer look at things in a quantitative, judgemental way. Your presence in each moment is amplified and you can feel, experience more of what is going on around you. This way of being helps determine a perspective that guides your life forward in ways that you have never experienced before. A softer outlook allows you to live in a calmer way, aligned to the mind, makes it a clearer way as well. Clarity, focus, openness, is the rule of thumb and your day does not consist of one reaction after another. You can move in ease and your communications are kinder with yourself and others. This is the way of the heart. When the heart leads, the mind will follow and soon you are moving through your days creating your highest expression possible. This changes your life and it changes the world.


This loving message from Source moved through me today. I offer it from my heart to yours…

“The message today is one of PEACE. As you move through your days, think of me. Know that in every instant I am with you, guiding, your biggest fan, your greatest ally and your loving parent. You cannot stray far without my loving glance bringing you back home. Feel into these words and know that you are all in my heart, every last one of you. If you only knew, really knew, how absolutely and completely loved you are, you would never have a “bad day”. Each day would be the gift it was meant to be. Each moment would be the place you reside, free and ready to embrace all of the beauty & opportunity there. Have no fear and trust in the big picture, the higher perspective of peace and freedom for all. You will all experience this and when the time comes you will be amazed at how effortless a choice for peace is. Open your hearts, hear these words and trust in yourselves, your goodness, your oneness, your wisdom & your light. You are love. Step into your power. Shine bright and together you will move forward with grace and ease towards a new tomorrow.”

God, Source, the Creator is truly available and accessible to all at any time. Try it, open your heart, breathe in love and say “BE WITH ME” and know that each time the response back will be “ALWAYS”.


This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love…

“Beauty is indeed from the eye of the beholder. It is a transformative thing. Whenever you see beauty, you lift it to a higher perspective. You create a relationship with what you are viewing through your appreciation of it. It allows it to shine with the vibrancy of your gaze. You create the beauty. So, if that is true then anything you put your eyes on can be seen that way. It is your choice. Remember the next time you turn away in disgust or judgement, that a simple proclamation of beauty will lift all those concerned. 

  We will now share a story that exemplifies this. There was a little girl that couldn’t tie her shoes. One day she was getting ready for school and everyone in her family were too busy to help her. So she left the house with her shoes untied. Worried that she would trip over her shoelaces, she looked around to see if she could find someone to help. The only person on the street at the time was an old man who was disfigured in the war. She was a little scared but she went up to him anyways and asked for some help. The request surprised him because generally children were scared of his appearance. As he helped her, the little girl’s heart opened up with gratitude and the wondrous rays of love came pouring out of her. As he received them he was transformed into a beautiful, kind man. How he looked on the outside made no difference on the kind act he was carrying on doing. 

    So, the next time someone’s outer appearance is not to your liking, shine rays of light and love on them and watch them transform.”Yeshua

My gift to myself

I am so excited…

for all the beautiful opportunities that are coming my way. For all the beautiful souls that are entering my life and for all the travel that I will embark on. For all the abundance to flow in. For all my abilities which will develop in Divine timing. For all the beauty that I will witness. For the connection to my soul guides, angels and to the Creator. For my writing/speaking to like hearted souls. For all the time I will have in meditation. For moving completely out of old stories into the perfection of who and what I am. For living in the 5D. For being able to listen coherently. To stop doubting myself and to trust in my own heart’s wisdom. To believe in myself entirely. To stop caring what others think say or do. To stay in the moment, present, in appreciation and awe. To see the magic around me and to be magic. To radiate love to myself and others effortlessly and always. To connect with Mother Gaia and celebrate her. To being out in Nature communing with trees, water, crystals, the sun, moon and the animals

  To be one with God and develop my relationship with Source. To love and care for my body. To have fun. To be light.To smile, enjoy, let go and soar!


This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours

“Self-love can be very complicated from where you are sitting. Of course, it is not really but the denser energies hold back some of the pure loving energy of the Creator. To receive love from yourself, your heart must be completely open. When this occurs you truly feel connected to the whole and that of God’s expression, unconditional love. And since you are of God, wouldn’t “being” love resonate with you? As you allow your resistance, that critical, judging voice within to recede, your pure essence naturally bubbles up and fills the void. The dilemma is in the integrating and allowing it to radiate throughout your being. Most people stop it before it can penetrate all of their stuck and bruised emotions thereby only soothing the surface and not healing the deeper layers. When you offer yourself this gift of love, all things that are not true, recede. You begin to get in touch with your knowing/wisdom and become more authentic in your expression. Everything begins with self-love and then branches out to others. Compassion, kindness, tolerance, all are fruits of self-love. When you offer these virtues to yourself you can be generous with the hearts of others. It is truly the foundation of living your best life as a Divine Being in form.”

with love, in love, our love, Yeshua