Your heart’s desire

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Sit with me, in my energy. Allow the loving essence that is the All That IS. Allow yourself to let go of the shoulds, whys, the what fors, all your excuses, stories, lies about yourself and others. Within this space of love, you may be just YOU. Your pure presence, pure acceptance, untainted by any other moment, brings you into the beautiful now where all potential exists. This space of dreams, hope, well-being, peace and creative potential. Sit here with me and tell me- what do you need? what do you see and what do you want to see? Share your heart’s desire with me. Talk to me and let me share with you these dreams you hold. Once you can sit in this space and feel, communicate these desires, creation begins. A clear message is sent out. “Bring this to me. Thank you!” But if you do not have a dream, a desire -the universe hears that too. So, as you move into 2024, I encourage you to get a clear vision of the life you wish to live and the world you wish to live in.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Roven Images

There can be peace.

Channeled wisdom, Melchizedek through Paul Selig 

“The truth of your reality, which you don’t wish to hear, is that you are highly participatory in everything you see. “Well, I didn’t make that happen.” Perhaps not. But you are party to the creation through the expectations you hold, which are born in a common language of potential and possibility. When everybody agreed that man could fly, that it was a potential that could be realized, indeed someone flew. When you all decide that there can be peace, when it becomes an actual possibility, it will be claimed.” 

Attunement to say each morning:
    “I am in peace. I am acting in peace. I am serving in peace for the highest good of all.”     
Melchizedek through Paul Selig.

*photo by David Tip

Sky to Earth

healing water
wet kisses
upon our scarred 
and sacred Earth.

*photo by Christopher

To live in love, with love, as love

Although a little late, I offer this message to you in celebration of the divine feminine and all those who nurture, care and love. 

“Today sets the tone to how you may look at your life and the lives of others. As you greet your families in celebration for the love you share, you may also extend this precious gift outwards to your communities and to the world. This gift of love nurtures, heals and defines all that it touches. It gives hope to the hopeless, bread to the hungry, kindness to the shunned and breath to newborns. It is the Creator’s divine gift to us. We are the receptacles, the vessels that when allowed, receives and then issues out doses to who/what we choose to administer it. This elixir heals the wounds within our hearts, the scars of our minds and the torment within our souls.  We, as mothers, take special care in giving love away. To do so unconditionally and to know that love is an unlimited resource that we can access, allows the mother to give what is needed, required, in ways that supports the ones in her care. Everyday, there is a special calling of her attention and when she brings her awareness/focus to it and offers the loving kindness that is always available, at her fingertips, then love blooms. Everyone benefits, as love creates love and as it spreads/radiates out, so the world changes. Shifting from abandonment, feeling separate to feeling “together”, in family, belonging to, changes the life experience. Changes everything. And once you realize the pure power of love, it will replace fear and unworthiness and bring you back home, into the kingdom, to live in love, with love, as love.” in partnership with Mother Mary

A dose of healing

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We have come today to share our blue light and to help open you to the aspect of the Divine that is inherent within each of you. We know that although you choose feelings/experiences of separation it is not the truth of who you are. When you release this illusion and move back into your inherent wholeness, you will look towards new ways to heal and be in your lives on Earth. We are here and always available to offer up a dose of healing, loving light to rest within your systems. As you bring/accept them in, they will allow you to move into a greater coherence with your own divine heart wisdom and will help heal the many wounds that are waiting to be nourished and loved back into wellness. You have within you the ability to heal and what we are offering you is a gentle nudge that encourages movement in that direction. Knowing that you have everything you need is a powerful place to be in. When you fully realize this, true healing, everlasting healing can occur. If you choose to accept our gift you may just receive by visualizing our blue light radiating through you. So sit, breathe, open yourself and know that there is assistance available if you choose it. We are your partners and we are here to offer you our love and healing support.” in partnership with the Pleiadians 

*photo by okeycat 

Grateful for you

Feeling gratitude for the Divine in all 

Thank you each for your being. 
Your heart flame brightens us. 
Your honoured feelings strengthens us. 
Your experience expands us.
You are beautiful, 
unique expressions of Source.

Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!

*photo by Jakob Owens