The value of loving

I offer this message to you from my heart to yours with love.

“We would like to address the value of loving. We know that you all have an idea of what love is but for now we would like you to keep an open mind. We would like you to recall a time when you felt completely safe. Safe in the knowledge that you could be, say or do whatever you wanted and the person you were with allowed it, supported it, encouraged it and appreciated it. You were exactly who you are. This is what true love is. It accepts everything about your beingness. It supports all your dreams. It allows you to shine as brightly as you can without trying to dim your light. It sees you in your expression as unique and perfect. 

  Now, everything we said above applies to your own self-love. When you love yourself, you allow yourself to express authentically. Whatever you say or feel is unconditionally accepted with an open heart. You allow yourself to be free from any false restriction of how you should think or feel. Whatever comes up in the moment is not squashed down as inappropriate. It is all celebrated.

We want you to know you are all deeply loved.” in partnership with Yeshua


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