Shine in your brilliance

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“I begin this message with great love for all of you. 

Your precious souls are one with me and whether you are aware of it or not we are all experiencing together. I welcome you now to join me in full appreciation of all that you bring to the whole. Allow yourself to acknowledge how truly important/relevant your essence is to enable this beautiful process of ascension to come about. Each one of you is part of the bigger plan of coming together, integrating into our Oneness and finally realizing how each part of the whole is it’s own precious gift of expression. Allowing yourself to express your unique signatures to the world enables the whole to bind together. Your piece of the puzzle is as important as each and the more you become who you truly are the more we grow brighter and brighter. As you stop limiting, holding back the true you, so begins our journey back home into wholeness. Your expression is so unique that anyone who does not fully embody their beingness keeps us from becoming the One we truly are. So, dear children, bring your light to me. Fully shine in your brilliance and trust that you are giving us all the gift of you and that is most precious, most needed and most blessed.” in partnership with God

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