Instill joy into everything you do

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear Ones, These are interesting times. Are they not? 

Each day holds a certain energetic statement that you can either embrace, ignore or push away. It is your choice, always. So, when you awake and you open your eyes, ask yourself …how do I want to experience my day? Do you want to approach it with an open and grateful perspective or do you choose to shield yourself and hide away from what is before you. As each of you show up as your higher self, you allow the day to present its opportunities as gifts in each moment. As you witness and receive these precious gifts you begin to understand how trust, flow and grace moves through your lives. It is always there as the choice to connect to the Creator and accept your divine inheritance. We wish you to understand that you create the next moment by the choices in the present moment. You perpetuate, you express, you create. 

How do you want to meet this moment? Being grateful is the easiest way to bring flow and ease into your lives. It starts the ball rolling and as you give thanks to the blessings that show up, so will more come flowing in. These times are allowing you amazing opportunities to choose how you meet each moment. No matter how it might appear you can instill joy into everything you do. This will ensure the next moment will have joy woven through it. And so it goes…

Live well, allow yourselves to embrace the moment you stand in and express joyfully.”  in partnership with Yeshua

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