A beautiful beginning

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message, dear ONE, is an entirely new way of being. We are here to inform you that today is the day that will change the way to see yourselves. You do not always realize that there are many different ways to move through your existence/ beingness/ experience. You believe that there is one way to see something and that way is usually straight on. But what if we were to tell you that there are hundreds/thousands of perspectives of the same thing. That to experience something usually brings your senses into the equation/focus. The information you receive, in the moment, is calculated through your mind and then like a ticker tape, it is spit out for you to make assumptions and hearsay. This is generally speaking. However, when you are fully aware and awake in the moment, you receive messages and more perspective enhancing help. This can make your experience broaden into an opportunity to learn much more on a bigger scale than the mundane. You have it already within you to broaden, shape, enact, discover and create. This is a new way of being. You are not just the reaction but the creation. You have stopped short the equation and have not finished the formula which is yours to solve. You are a mathematical problem that you get to work with, play with and then eventually solve with your life experiences. Your learning/lessons are the variables and when you add them all up- you end with the answer. And the answer is always expansion infinitum. Today is the beginning of you broadening your perspective to include the idea that you are so much more than you ever truly realized. And that, dear ONE,  is a beautiful beginning.” received 12:12 am on Nov. 3, 2020.

*photo by pawal szymanski

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