A gentle healing

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“The message today speaks to grief and how it can take over your life if it is unseen or misunderstood. Grief can be a little sneaky on how it shows up and plays out. When felt, it may shut down the heart because the pain is too great. And when that happens your life experience becomes shallow and impenetrable. You close off to the new entering, remaining stuck in the past and in suffering. So, when circumstances result in grief, the best approach is self-care and self-love. A gentle healing, a nudging back into the present moment. Allowing yourself to feel the depth of sorrow is important. But, bringing yourself back into gratitude, appreciation for what is before you, will benefit and support the healing process. Grief is an intense pause and life is meant to be in forward movement. So, children, learn, endure and move back into celebrating your blessings. There are always many available.” in partnership with Mother Mary

*photo by Nick Fewings

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