A new way of relating

I offer this message from my heart to to yours with love.

“Dear One, why do you doubt? Why hold onto memories and ideas of what once was? The moment you sit in is where all is seen anew. Open your eyes to the potential of a new way of relating. It is not what you “do” for someone or proving your love to someone – it is “being” that love and that does not require anything more than holding the person in your heart and seeing the truth of who and what they truly are. Seeing the God within and bowing to that immense beauty and perfection. Through this witnessing they blossom. So, try not to recount/figure out but instead remember and realize them in love, as aspects of the divine and you will uplift and empower without “doing” anything. You  can walk beside them from the corner of your home. Let go of obligations, the burden of being “perfect” in a role that is outmoded and embrace the perfection of the moment you are in.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by BAED Co.

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