An outstretched hand

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We, the Arcturians, come today to bring greetings and to acknowledge the peace & harmony that is being birthed at this time. You are now allowing frequencies to be attained that have not been otherwise. You are all stretching yourselves to reach higher and we wish to offer our assistance in any way possible. We are here to help bring about the world you are choosing/you have chosen. This world is coming about through the attention you are placing outside of your lives and onto a bigger landscape that benefits/includes others, both in humanity and in animals. Mother Earth is benefitting equally through this loving attention and as more of you soften and open to the kindness that is within you, everything transforms. As it transforms, your lives will become easier and the attention you place on your troubles shift to finding the solutions that will rectify the problems plaguing your lands and people. These will come in time, divine time, and it will be where you all can finally leap into the vibration of 5D. Both accessible and supportive, you then will move effortlessly towards the future of your homeland and reap the rewards your long and sometimes arduous journey has brought to you. We wish you to know that we are your partners if you choose and we offer you an outstretched hand in peace, in harmony and in love.”   in partnership with The Arcturians

*photo by Jeff Golenski

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