Changing the world, one heart at a time

When you filter your life through your heart, magical things happen. You no longer look at things in a quantitative, judgemental way. Your presence in each moment is amplified and you can feel, experience more of what is going on around you. This way of being helps determine a perspective that guides your life forward in ways that you have never experienced before. A softer outlook allows you to live in a calmer way, aligned to the mind, makes it a clearer way as well. Clarity, focus, openness, is the rule of thumb and your day does not consist of one reaction after another. You can move in ease and your communications are kinder with yourself and others. This is the way of the heart. When the heart leads, the mind will follow and soon you are moving through your days creating your highest expression possible. This changes your life and it changes the world.


 For the past 25 years through personal growth, experience & education I have developed my heart consciousness. This is a new way of “being” in the world that is more at ease, more accepting and more present.

My joy is to reflect, celebrate and empower the loving wisdom within each of us.

   with love, Sharon Ramesbottom


Definition of inheart (verb):

  • to put heart into
  • to encourage; inspirit
  • to enclose within the substance of the heart

Anagram: inearth