Thank you God

Feeling appreciation moves us into deep gratitude. 

I appreciate…

Gaia, my well-being, loved ones, harmony, a walk in the woods, a delicious meal, heart to heart connections, a summer’s breeze, dancing, laughing, a bear hug, my home, trees, clean water, my authentic expression, your authentic expression, french fries, a hot shower, a deep inhale, our animal friends, fluffy clouds, kindness, Spring, my morning coffee, basking in the warm sun, my body, crystals, writing, letting go, an open heart, knowing our Oneness, my bed, indoor plumbing, a rainbow, honouring my feelings, flowers, Summer, finding the perfect gift, a good book, listening to the rain, mountains, art, my reflection, Winter, the first snowfall, communing with spirit, a northern lake, new experiences, listening, every aspect of myself, friendship, a beautiful view, brilliant stars, birds chirping, lightening, silence, joyfully receiving, generously giving, music, being in flow, surprising myself, trusting, moonlight, a smile, travelling, different landscapes, being present, wisdom shared, having fun, stillness, fireplaces, Fall, being comfortable, creating beauty, learning, abundance, treasure hunting, a helping hand, plants thriving, having faith, feeling loved and appreciated, loving and appreciating, finding the blessing within each opportunity, the sky, feeling warm and cozy, becoming whole, this lifetime, remembering who we truly are and so much more.. I appreciate ALL things as of God. Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!

What do you appreciate?

Singing together

“Today’s message is about a beautiful symphony, a harmony. You are each a part of this precious music that is always playing, harmonizing, building and falling but ever present as the song of God. You each carry within you the tone that is unique to your being and this tone adds breath and depth to the harmonic overtures in every dimension and in all time. This is what expands the Universe and allows each note to find its resonance, its home in the moment of existence. As the notes that you are rise and fall, new experiences and opportunities are brought to you through your resonance. And when you are in harmony, with the God song, Grace flows to you and mirrors this music of Divine majesty. Harmony supports the coming together of all people, the notes are played, ringing out peace and love. Joy of the Oneness is felt and experienced. Harmony allows you to be free to sing out your expression and to dance any dance you like. It celebrates all tones, supports all keys, recognizes all melodies and blends them all together. The result, a beautiful symphony of the Divine.” 

Releasing the old

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we talk about the depths of sorrow you are experiencing now. You are releasing the old and are grieving over the endings you see in front of you. This deep sorrow heals the wounds that have been inflicted and felt. It is the salve that when spread over memories bring closure, like closing a book after you finish a story. 

      Sorrow is not comfortable and when you feel it your mind wants to push it away but your heart draws it closer. To honour how you feel is your highest service. Try to stay in the moment and allow yourself your sadness. Allow yourself to feel and release anything that arises and know that in so doing you are healing the past and setting yourself free from any judgements you hold. There is nothing to fix. All will move back into love, forgiveness and perfection of Source, Divine light.

     Be gentle with yourselves. ALL that you experience expands the whole. 

 It is time to embrace the new without the tethering of the old. Let go and rise.”  in partnership with Archangel Gabrielle

Dream big

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is about hope for the future. Many people believe if they put hope into their lives than they are doing something constructive, something worthwhile but dear Ones, hope is saying you do not have faith. Hope says that even if I can’t have this, do that, I will at least pray for it to enter at some point in my life. But what if I told you that you are all way beyond the need for hope. You are the creators of your experience and if you desire something and you want it to appear than all you need do is ask. And then trust that it will be brought to you if it’s for your highest & best good. We are here, ready, to make things happen at your request. You have just forgotten how this game of life works. But you are waking up now and it is time to play.

     Take some time throughout your day to sit and dream. Dream big. Allow yourself to imagine the life you want. What is it that you really want to do, to go, to see? Understand/know that your desire for something plus the feeling, if the result happened, brings to you the experience. There is no need for hope because you have outgrown it. Now you will create and live your dreams. Believe in the possibility and have faith in us so we can usher to you all that you wish and more.” God