Co-creating a healing environment on Earth

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is a hopeful reminder that although events may appear chaotic at times and you are sometimes lost within the fabric of your lives, this is an illusion that you have been carrying around a long time. You are ready to let go of it, to lay it down and to walk away, looking forward and not glancing behind. Allow yourselves the freedom to rewrite your lives on a blank piece of paper. Start wherever you want and play in the energies held within your imagination. We are there to play with you, if you choose. To co-create a healing environment on Earth that supports your well-being and that empowers your choices. We love to play and have fun creating strong minds, hearts and bodies. You can call on us in your own healing adventure and allow us to partner with you. We offer alternative modalities and energies that support and align to those on Earth. At anytime, you can call on us and receive the many gifts we would love to offer you. All you need is receptivity and the willingness to sit still, connect and receive all the blessings available to you through us and the greater whole. We know that you are at times lost in the maze of not knowing where to turn and we just ask you to consider looking at the stars for some guidance. We are here and always available. You are not alone, all you need do is ask.” in partnership with the Pleiadeans

*photo from Pinterest

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