Dining out on life

Along with this message came a vision of a child eating chocolate cake with their fingers, joyfully stuffing it into their mouth. The delight of the senses, the fun of the experience everything focused on the moment…the feeling of dining out on life.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“To be- what does that truly mean? To be wholly there (here), involved, within the eternal moment  is to bring your entire awareness, consciousness to what/who is before you. To allow all information through your senses, energies through your body systems and messages/wisdom/truth through your heart & consciousness to be accepted, received, integrated and understood. This presence of being is the gift of your life. For it is through this great gift that you experience all. All the opportunities/lessons/joy for which you sought, for which you chose and for which you came into this incarnation for. When you are not struggling with your mind, small self and fear- you move into the ease of being present in the moment. You are in experience and everything comes together. All the support, guidance, perceptions, grace, all there, waiting for you and your awareness of. You move into conscious alignment to your highest expression and divine will. This presence, this being who and what you are leads you towards the next moment. The way you show up determines the choices available to you in that moment. You are creating each new moment by “being” in it.“ in partnership with God

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