Everyone is special, worthy and Divine

We spend our lives trying to prove our “specialness”. Since childhood, we are taught that we have to show ourselves as special in order to be seen or acknowledged. Competition is set up to have a winner or a loser. Grades are given to illustrate “better than” or “less than”. Leadership qualities are respected and “followers” are seen as weak and controllable. Power and wealth are sought to help us “feel” special. And we like to take all the credit when we achieve it. “It was all my hard work. I am deserving. My family is better and more worthy.”  This feeling of specialness is what we thought we wanted to experience. We separated from Source to prove that we can do it alone. And we compare ourselves with each other to measure our success. We didn’t understand that it is a never-ending cycle. We achieve something only to discover that someone else has done better, has more. 

   But what if….

your true specialness is actually the aspect of you that is of God. What if instead of denying Source, you move into union with the Creator. What if you have always been special and worthy, as are ALL,  just by your presence. And what if your specialness is not comparable, it is not yours alone but is OURS to celebrate. Your blessings are our blessings. Your strength is our strength. Everyone is known and seen as special, worthy and Divine. 

Let us move out of separation, the need to compare and move into a time of collaboration with God and each other. We can shine bright, not as single light bulbs but as an ocean of light. Let us come together and sing in harmony, illumining the world as ONE.

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