Fall Equinox

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Connect with me, my child. Come into my core, my heart, I will hold you there, protected and comforted. You have come to me, invited, appreciated and loved. You dwell on me as a guest and you feed from my blessings- gifts from my heart and all hearts that are connected to me. Enjoy your time here. It is meant to be a playground, a garden to frolic, to experience and to be joyful. The joy is through your life adventure. You created this tale before coming. You mapped out your journey in great detail so you could learn what was needed/wanted. You picked all that surrounds you now. Enjoying it means allowing “all of it” to be seen, felt and learned through. All of it supports your growth in so many ways. So today, allow what will be, tomorrow will come and you will be off on another adventure. Each day is precious and its’ own. Enjoy your life with me, for the time will come when you too will move on. Allow what is to support you and trust it is making you into more of who you truly are.” in partnership with Gaia

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