Freeing yourself

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

Question to God: Where does our need to be seen by our family come from?

“It comes from the feeling of separation from me, your one and only parent. I am the One that had gifted you your spark, your Divine essence, your life, your eternal flame. When you look outside yourself for approval, confirmation, acceptance, you have created a place of separation within your being. You are saying that you are not enough just as you are. That you are not worthy unless someone outside yourself tells you so. You create this lack, this wanting, and only you can bring yourself back to the true state of your being, the truth of who you are- unconditional love. The celebration of every part of you that expresses, feels, grows, expands, learns, creates and enjoys the moments that you experience. You are the only one that you should look to, to find the appreciation you desire because it is me that you would be acknowledging, your divinity you would be honouring. And that is when you finally become free of your expectations of others. You let them go and you are free to spread your wings and soar.” in partnership with God

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