Full Moon blessings

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is an opportunity to connect and receive the blessings of the day. We will be sending energies to each one willing to open and receive clearing, cleansing and nurturance. We are gifting these energies at this time to help uplift the experience of ascension and to give you all the opportunity to move past the blockages that have been keeping you small, disempowered and unacknowledged as the divine aspect you truly are. Once you can lift/untether from these ropes of limitation, the opportunities of advancement can begin to show up and forward movement can happen. So, today, trust that the gifts available are there and that as you open up and receive them, your energy fields will reflect the intention of clearing and you will move beyond what once was and into the new, fresh energies of what is.” in partnership with the Moon 

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