Full Moon surrendering

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“My frequencies flow in a little different way than you are used to. Nonetheless, you are receiving a transmission and I appreciate the time and effort you are taking to connect with me.

This Full Moon is telling you that the many secrets that you are all carrying need to be revealed and released now. These secrets are not meant to be judged and repressed but brought to the surface, seen for what they are, acknowledged for the lessons they gave and then dismissed as history, times passed. You do not need them. They serve no purpose. You are now in the exploration of the new and every time you dredge up the old, you take a step backward not forward. This does not serve to support and encourage you to trust who and what you are and the Divine plan that is in motion bringing all this evolution and change about. Trusting in yourselves, your right to be and your intrinsic value allows you to join together and become the future family that is now seeding on Earth. May you let go of all that tethers you to the past, I am here to help bring this about through my transformative energies. Take a moment tomorrow and sit in my energy and allow yourself to let go, surrender and release so that the slate can finally be wiped clean. I will support and love you through this process.” in partnership with the Moon
* photo by Emilia Niedzwiedzka

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