Gifts of gratitude

Your natural state
is one of grace.
Of ease and flow,
God’s loving embrace.
A sweet surrender,
a letting go
of conflict 
and of having control.

in the moment
you’re in,
being present
and calm within.
Looking around,
you understand
the beauty that 
is close at hand.
Everything is 
one with you,
one with God,
you know 
it’s true.

fills up 
your heart,
the overflow 
begins to start
to radiate 
throughout your field.
Beyond your space,
the gift of you
moves into wholeness
with the human race.

Your inner world 
infuses the day.
Your feelings inspire
as you give them away.
Being grateful
for all that surrounds,
make miracles happen 
and blessings abound.
Magical moments
start to appear,
signs from above
that are loud and clear.
Thanking you
for who you are
and what you do,
the Universe 
is gifting you.

“May I know myself in gratitude of the gifts of the Kingdom that seek to be bestowed upon me.”
The Kingdom, The Guides through Paul Selig

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