Greeting each moment as yourself

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We are here today to guide you forward through a playful and joyful conversation. Not everything you seek requires hard work, a heads down attitude. The “doing” days are over. You may begin to live your life with less struggle and more ease when you adjust to “ being” in the moment – enjoying whoever/whatever you are in relationship with. This ease of being, you have never truly experienced. In order for you to feel this, you must let go and trust. Trust has not been nourished in your world. You have been taught how to fear, how to protect yourselves and how to create rules to maintain order. But when you move into trust, you are open, accepting of the circumstances and the people that are in front of you. You are bringing the vibration of love and radiating it out. Your welcomeness says…”Come, you are safe, you are loved and we can be together in comfort.” When you trust, you show your true self to others, you express freely and you do not judge or fear being judged. This new way of being excites and ignites each one who is gifted by your presence. They, in turn, can trust and move into love with ease. This supports and benefits ALL, allowing your time on Earth to “play” out and be joyful. The joy is in the “living” of your life, not just existing and going through the motions. But, by showing up as yourself, greeting each moment as yourself. This is ease.  Let go of your doubting, your questions of whether you are good enough and embrace all of you. And then trust that everything waiting for you will be brought to you.” in partnership with Buddha

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