Holding harmony and peace in your heart

This message is a response to a question I asked about disharmony. I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today you seek to find the part of you that is drifting above the whole and not part of the whole. You are feeling separate from your fellows and although this is not true you are feeling misunderstood anyways. This is the personality side needing to be seen, validated, heard. And yet, it is not necessary to receive this acknowledgement/affirmation because you already know that it is not for another to give you. Being true to yourself and communicating what is in your heart does not need to be accepted or applauded. You are as they are. When you are truthful and show up, you then allow them to do the same even if they can’t or won’t at the time. They are also struggling to understand their lives and circumstances and it is their needs that they put in the forefront not yours. So, when you feel misunderstood, clarify if needed but accept them as they are. Let them “be” and love them anyways. The secret to harmony is to stand amidst the mayhem, and trust that everything is as it is to support growth both individually and collectively. Do not make someone wrong for how they feel and do not make yourself wrong for how you feel. Trust in the potential for harmony and peace. Hold it in your heart, your core, your systems and know the time will come when your life/your reality will project this. It may not look like anything you have ever seen or known but it will reflect the love you feel and the seed you’ve planted. Live it on the inside, know it to be true and then see how it blossoms in your life. No need to do anything else, we will do it for you.” in partnership with God.

*photo by Steinar Engeland

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