Honouring yourself

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear Ones, today’s message is about being in a state of denial. This happens whenever you do not honour the true nature of your feelings and allow circumstances to throw you off your game. Whenever this happens, stuck emotions can result and that usually creates repercussions in your health & wellbeing. So, whenever a situation arises that throws you for a loop, take a moment and acknowledge how you are feeling. This allows you to understand how something has affected you. It also gives you the opportunity to offer yourself the care and attention you might need. Some circumstances can trigger you but once you stop and acknowledge how you feel that creates a larger opportunity for a different perspective. By honouring yourself you allow a space to develop where your wisdom can move in to lead you forward. Honouring yourself is always the best place to begin. This will allow your feelings a safe place to come out, to surface. Denial unfortunately never solves anything because you eventually will have to face the very thing you are pushing away. So, you might as well face the challenging circumstances so that you can move into the solution your intuitive wisdom is leading you to.” Archangel Gabrielle

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