How may I be love?

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Love is the last place that rests within your systems. It is a place of kind neutrality, of witnessing and acknowledging the immense divine beauty that is before you. When you are able to access this oasis of feeling within your heart, you are then able to offer a flow of complete acceptance and allowance. This creates a field of pure potentiality. A limitless expanse where all that is in the field moves into vibratory accord with this divine essence that flows, surrounds and uplifts all matter it touches. Love heals, expands, nurtures and once given, reverberates outward so that all may be graced by this gift. Love does indeed conquer all, not by vanquishing but by transmuting and transforming. Love is precious and yet it is easy to access for it is your true way of being. It is not there to please or to fix. It is not given & received as a helpful solution but in its stead, it transfixes the one before you in a magical way. As you reflect to them love, they in turn behold their brilliance, receiving it in a way that enables them to celebrate their perfection through your eyes. Love enhances, embraces, soothes and commends their mere presence. It is enough to just “be”.” in partnership with God

*photo by Joice Kelly

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