From my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is to bring you all to the next level where you can now imagine how you want to live versus how you are living. You are responsible for what you encounter in your daily life and this is wonderful news. This allows you to change or alter any aspect that you wish. As you step into your mastery, you will bring to you the experiences that you call in. These come from your thoughts and you can control your way of thinking. You can bring to you things, feelings, experiences, people & places by being present and imagining that you have already received what you are wishing for.

This tool of manifestation will be your power in 2020. As you play with this ability God gifted you, you will be delighted not only in your sovereignty but in the results. Enjoy and pay attention to what shows up in your life so that you can witness the Divine in action. It is truly remarkable and noteworthy when you receive what you have called in. And as your awareness of your ability to do this expands so will your power. Choose your thoughts wisely, bring to you what you desire and allow the rest to fall away peacefully and in ease.”  in partnership with Archangel Gabrielle

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