I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Joy is an enchanting feeling and one that I wish most of you would experience more often. Believe it or not, joy is your natural state waiting to be switched on at the slightest request. It is my gift to you. You will always be able to access this Divine feeling no matter what your circumstance is. It truly is the most uplifting and encouraging emotion you have. Once you learn how to express it more often, your lives will drastically improve. 

Joy is a powerful tool of manifestation. It is the fuel. When you rest in this feeling while thinking of what you want to experience, it ensures it will show up. It is the currency needed to acquire anything. Practice feeling it and spread it to others so that they can easily attain the feeling as well. The more you access this state the closer you are to me and the more we can hang out together. Your lives are meant to be fun, to be magical and it is joy that can get you there.” in partnership with God

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