Legacy of love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today the promise we have for you is one of love. You are all moving into the love that you are and in so doing, more of that love radiates forth, encompassing all that it meets. It is beautiful to behold and it is never-ending and everlasting. This is your legacy that you are creating. You have been chosen as the ground crew and as you agree to your many roles that support this time, your light signature is woven throughout the cosmos sending all that you are, expanding this love far and wide. As you sit in your homes, the gift of who you are is affecting great changes and shifts. As you move within, connecting to your God Self you are shining this Divine light/essence to those in need of support, upliftment and nurturance. You are the nourishment that feeds/fuels the malnourished, the lost and the forgotten. Being your True Self and allowing this to rain down on the Earth, hydrating the soil with your Divine essence heals the many open wounds that are ready to be healed. ALLOW your True Self to lead you forward, you will be surprised at the route you will be called to take. ALLOW yourself to explore the unknown with grace and ease. It will be a joyful journey if you ALLOW it to be. “ in partnership with God

*photo by Basil Smith

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