Light and dark

Darkened rooms, 
doors locked,
captive secrets 
that shame and shock.
Hidden away, 
to be seen,
and redeemed.

Time to explore
these aspects of you,
you calmly unlock 
and bravely walk through.
This part of your story 
is there to tell,
as is the glory 
that’s you as well.

Light floods in
as you open the door,
nothing inside 
wishes to hide.
Memories of lives 
trying to survive,
to share feelings felt 
and lessons dealt. 
Once found, 
uncovered with care,
the beauty within 
is ready to share.

Rooms are all lit, 
a welcoming home,
a loving portal 
into the unknown.
Your heart offers comfort, 
a nourishing meal 
to guests that arrive,
ready to heal.

Stories are told, 
their words supported,
experiences accepted 
and we are transported
into their world
where we get to feel 
their woe and joy 
that is so real.

Light and dark 
seen anew,
all aspects of us 
are whole and true.

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