Live BIG

I channeled this message on the day of June’s Full Moon. I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we come and surround you in love and in light. On this auspicious day, as the moon gifts her many blessings and the sun shines bright (regardless of clouds), we sit with you in the knowledge that All Is One. We move into communion, joining together with Source and humanity, the many universes and all the inhabitants, great and small. We know ourselves in love and wisdom and we know all others with the same reverence and respect. We understand evolution of spirit and we are here, in this moment, to witness the ever-evolving you. You are growing, expanding, becoming more and this is eternally so. And as we bear witness, we grow ourselves, we expand as you do and this is a universal law. Everything connected and affected. As are you, we are. So, after bringing your attention to this insight, understand, the reverse is true. Everything we are, you are. Take a moment now to truly digest this information and then consider how much bigger, more powerful, brighter and wiser you must be. The limited shell you have been living in, is just that, an encasing of spirit, in experience with the physical. It served and continues to serve you well. The lessons you are learning are invaluable to all but it is only one aspect of who you are. So, from now on, think BIG, BE BIG and KNOW unequivocally that you are an immense, wise, Divine, eternal and infinite being. As you live in this more expansive state, your life will expand to support this new vision/new idea of you. Live BIG! Enjoy it! “ in partnership with the Dragon Collective

*photo by Rock Vincent Guitard

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