Living in gratitude

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“This message celebrates gratitude and the power of its precious gift of thanks, presence, acknowledgement, opportunity and significant feeling. 

          Many times gratitude is given when you receive what you want or when you have a heightened sense of appreciation for someone or something. You are grateful for it being in your life for you realize that without it, you would miss it. However, gratitude can also be seen as a way of looking at everything whether you deem it good or bad. When you are aware of Source in all matter/beings and experience it in your life, you may trust that it was placed there for a reason. And even though this reason may not be understood in the moment, a feeling of gratitude lifts everything to a higher purview. For example, if you meet an impatient or angry person on the street and they take you out of your good mood, leaving you reeling, you have two ways of dealing with it. You may condemn the person and give them back their anger. In this way, you have lowered and aligned your energy with them. And for the rest of the day, you may struggle with a bad mood. Or, you can bless the person in front of you, grateful for the opportunity to lift them with your good mood, you may then go on with your day encouraged by how you feel. 

          Gratitude is a choice and a way of living. To be thankful for everything, understanding all is of God, allows you to be a part of lifting the collective field and also a way to manage your own energetics. This in turn supports you and the well-being of all others.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Donald Giannatti

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