Loosening our grip on the old and staying open to the new

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

    “There are aspects in everything you read, listen to and acknowledge that offer something that draws you to it. You are usually seeking information that validates an already existing belief. This is a cycle of believing in an idea, reinforcing it and making it “your” truth. Now this can be helpful at early stages of development. It gives you a seemingly secure foundation and footing to base your life experiences on. Like everything, there comes a time where you outgrow certain elements and it is in the  “new” that most supports your further growth and expansion. Every so often an opportunity arises when all things must be looked at, seen for what they are, disassembled if necessary and then built anew on a stronger foundation that supports the whole. And this time has come. So I would suggest you loosen your grip on your old beliefs and stay open to the new thoughts that will be available to you in divine timing. Your role is to be aware, conscious, seeking wisdom/knowledge you feel most aligned with and that supports the highest good of ALL. You will “know” when you hear it because there will never be fear attached, judgement placed or criticism given but instead the wisdom will be both understandable and empowering. 

As you move into the unknown, navigating the different stories, ideas, beliefs and finding your way forward through the information jungle, trust your knowing & understand that this time is moving you further into my heart- the heart of One. This is where everyone is welcome regardless of what they believe, how they think or what they have done. This is where hearts connect and love prevails.” in partnership with God

*photo by Dstudio Bcn

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