Managing our energy fields

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear Ones, as your celestial fan club, we are watching all the comings and goings on your planet at this time. We are here to share with you our musings so that you do not feel alone or forgotten. We understand the loneliness you are experiencing and we wish to direct your focus to within your precious being, into your heart. You are used to focusing on external things/ people/ issues and most of your time & attention is spent transversing through energies that are not your own. This can be confusing especially when you do not know what you own and what is someone else’s. But now is an opportunity to figure “yourself” out without that interference and noise from the outside. You do this by simply just “being” and noticing the feelings that are inside you both physically & emotionally. You are energetic beings and the more you can feel into your presence, the easier it will become for you. As you tap into your own energy field, noticing what is there, you will be able to manage more and you will naturally intuit responses, exercises, breath work, connection with your guides & your two-way communication with Source. This is all necessary as you move into the energy of the unknown that you will be navigating in the months and years ahead. As each one manages their own field, you will all have an easier time stabilizing and grounding the collective field. You are the ones doing the heavy lifting so that more can come onboard with ease. We thank you for your service, for the time you have given to move more fully into the truth of who you are and for the love you have spread through your beautiful hearts. We celebrate you, we stand with you and we offer you our love.” in partnership with Archangel Michael

*photo by Jr Korba

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