Moment to moment

This message was received after I was berating myself for “not doing” enough. If this resonates, may it also be of benefit to your precious and perfect journey. I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“When you sit and think about what you feel you should do in order to be productive, relevant, supportive or of service, you are, in fact, stopping the flow of your true expression and divine will. It is only in the moment that you will be led to your highest expression/service. Any other time you are in “your” choice and then “the old” may re-appear, drawing you back rather than forward. Your mind can only see/visualize what has already been. Until you reach higher mind/God mind, you would still be creating from an old platform/foundation. Where you stand now is in the new and here you will be shown the way forward. Led and guided, supported and encouraged to be in divine will and connected “for & to” the highest good of all. So, trust and have faith in your evolution, your journey, your heart and wisdom. Allow the moment to present, allow yourself to embrace the new in joy and wonder. Be curious and open. Alert and aware. Be present and live expansively.” my Trueself

*photo by Cory Schadt

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